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Johannesson: "Sets an incredible number of question marks"


Allsvenska Östersund announced tonight that it will make a loss of just over SEK 40 million. The result causes SVT's football expert Markus Johannesson to react critically and the expert also believes that it can be difficult for the club to attract the money needed. - It is probably the most grieving person who can imagine going in with those sums, says SVT's expert.

Tonight, Östersunds FK announced that it will return just over SEK 40 million during the 2019 financial year. CEO Lennart Ivarsson commented to ÖP that "it is a disaster result". And SVT expert Markus Johannesson agrees.

- What Lennart Ivarsson says is true. What is surprising is that there are such large numbers that one goes minus in 2019. And that puts a lot of other questions as to how the association was run and how to resolve the future.

"Some things to solve"

And precisely the future is ÖFK's big problem for the moment. The club must act quickly and resolutely to cope with the crisis, Johannesson says.

- Even if you pass the elite license, you have some things to solve right now and I hope you have liquid funds to run the team during the year, Johannesson analyzes and continues:

- Sporting way for all Swedes, it really would not be good if you could not implement what you said you should be able to do. Then it is true that a lot of rumors are flourishing and therefore it is impossible to be able to comment if they have the opportunity to solve this for the elite license 2021.

SVT's expert Johannesson is also critical of how the management of ÖFK has worked, both externally and internally.

- I put an incredible number of questions about how to handle this whole situation. How transparent you are, what you communicate, how you handle these internal quarrels.

"Must seek money in their vicinity"

- Now it is statements coming from people who have not been around for a while and there seems to be a lot of internal strife which makes it difficult to see how they will solve this.

In the annual report's annual report, ÖFK reports on how the club works with everything from staff savings to fundraising to cope with the crisis. One of the streams from which water must be collected is larger sums of sponsorship that must come in from companies.

Something that SVT's expert Johannesson thinks can be difficult.

- Then you have to look for money in the immediate vicinity. Because it is probably the most mournful who can imagine going in with the sums in the club right now. And had I been an entrepreneur with them the capital, I would have been very restrictive to go in with some money in Östersund.

Tonight's annual message also thinks Johannesson may be the first step at the end for ÖFK.

- In the long run, I find it difficult to see that you can do this with elite license and above all sporting as their finances will be affected.

CLIP: ÖFK needs external financiers to save the club

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ÖFK needs external financiers for rescue club Photo: Bildbyrån

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