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Can the Tokyo Olympics arrive as promised?


Can the Tokyo Olympics arrive as promised?

IOC member "may cancel" remarks draw attention to clarification from Japanese government and IOC: represent personal opinions only

International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound said in an interview on the morning of the 26th that if the new crown pneumonia epidemic could not be controlled before the end of May, the Tokyo Olympic Games originally scheduled to open on July 24 will face the fate of being cancelled. In response to Pound's remarks, the Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee have clarified urgently: Pound's statement only represents personal opinions.


Pound: Tokyo Olympics could be cancelled

With the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Japan, South Korea and other places, whether the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer can be held as scheduled has become a major concern for the world.

Pound's statement in an exclusive interview with the Associated Press undoubtedly caused more people to have pessimistic ideas. He said that there will be a three-month time window from now on. If the epidemic cannot be controlled after three months, the Tokyo Olympics will face the fate of being cancelled.

"As the game approaches, many things need to be prepared. Security must be strengthened, focusing on the safety of food, the Olympic Village and the hotel. Media will set up their studios there. If the International Olympic Committee decides, the Tokyo Olympics cannot be held as scheduled , That's likely to be cancelled, "Pound said.

The weight of these words is very heavy, because Canadian Pound's status is very unusual. Pound is currently the longest serving member of the International Olympic Committee, and has been working for the International Olympic Committee since 1978 for more than 40 years. He has twice served as the Vice-Chairman of the International Olympic Committee and has also chaired the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Because the message of "cancellation of the Olympic Games" is too heavy, the IOC took the lead to let it go, and it is possible to test the reaction of all parties.

Japanese response

Personal opinion does not represent the International Olympic Committee

Japan responded quickly to Pound's statement. A Japanese government spokesman and Cabinet Chief Cabinet Secretary Takayoshi Wei said on the same day that Pound's views represent his own, not the International Olympic Committee. The Tokyo Olympics will be held as planned.

"The IOC has responded that this is not their official attitude. The IOC is currently proceeding with preparations for the Tokyo Olympics as planned, and the Tokyo Olympics will not be postponed or cancelled," said Yiwei Wei. "

At the meeting of the Japanese House of Representatives Budget Committee held on the 26th, Japan ’s Olympic Minister Masako Hashimoto said, “(We) have asked the International Olympic Committee about this, and the International Olympic Committee responded by saying, 'This is not the official IOC It is argued that such remarks illustrate that the International Olympic Committee is preparing for the planned goal of the Tokyo Olympics. '"

Regarding the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics to be held in March, Tong Yiwei said that he had not heard of any changes in the schedule from the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, and the Japanese government would work closely with the International Olympic Committee, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, and Tokyo. Cooperation to steadily advance preparations for the Olympic Games.

Japan has always been optimistic about the progress of the Tokyo Olympics. Over the past period, Japanese senior officials have stated many times that the Tokyo Olympics will proceed as scheduled, and the established work of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee is also being carried out step by step.

Official statement

Olympic preparations are progressing as planned

A spokesman for the International Olympic Committee said in an email interview with Xinhua News Agency that the International Olympic Committee is working hard for the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held as scheduled, and Pound's remarks explain this well. Beyond that, all speech is speculation.

An IOC spokesman said via email: "The IOC has just reiterated that the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics are proceeding as planned. In order to host a safe and reliable Olympic Games, stopping the epidemic is the next important task for Tokyo. Tokyo Olympics The organizing committee will continue to cooperate with relevant agencies to closely monitor the incidence of infectious diseases, and will also discuss with the relevant agencies any necessary countermeasures. "

"In addition, the International Olympic Committee also maintains contacts with medical experts from the World Health Organization and the International Olympic Committee. We are fully confident that relevant government departments, especially Japan and China, will take all necessary measures to deal with this situation. "

Text / Reporter Liu Ailin Coordinator / Du Rui

Xinhua Review

Who hurts most if the "black swan" flies out?

From the previous large amount of information, both the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee are advancing the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics in accordance with the original plan. At least so far, "cancellation" has not been serious on the table Discussion topics. However, the development of the epidemic is often difficult to predict accurately, so Pound said that Japan has a three-month window. It is not unreasonable, and no one can know to what extent the three-month epidemic will develop.

If the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled, and the difficulty of postponing or relocating the Olympic Games is very difficult, the Tokyo Olympics may be cancelled. But this will be a "black swan" event that no one wants to see, and it will affect the world's sports landscape.

The host bears the brunt of Japan. The budget announced by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee shows that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is expected to cost 1.35 trillion yen (about 12.4 billion US dollars). If the Olympics are cancelled, huge losses will inevitably occur. In addition to the economic account, Japan also values ​​the social effects of the Olympic Games. Second, the International Olympic Committee will also face severe tests. At present, the related income brought by the Summer Olympics is still the mainstream of the International Olympic Committee. If the Olympic Games is suspended, the economic impact on the International Olympic Committee will be unprecedented. The cancellation of the Olympic Games is tantamount to the world sports circle and will profoundly affect the development of world sports. In addition to the core circle of Japan and the International Olympic Committee, the interest groups of the entire Olympics will also be damaged. Industries such as television broadcasting, sports marketing, ticketing, and sports tourism around sports will be greatly affected.

Of course, if the Tokyo Olympics is cancelled, I am afraid the most heartbreaking is more than 10,000 athletes in the world who are preparing for the game. Although some people can participate in multiple Olympics, for most athletes, the Olympics is an opportunity once in a lifetime, and if you miss it, you will not come back. No one wants to see the Olympics gathering the common sentiments of mankind cancelled, but if this "black swan" really flies out, it also means that humanity must unite and win another battle together. According to Xinhua News Agency

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