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  • Olympique Lyonnais face Juventus Wednesday night in the Champions League in a difficult climate with their supporters.
  • Some of these supporters make a meme of Rudi Garcia, dressed up as a clown, bloom on the Internet, which Olympique Lyonnais did not like at all.

If you are a bit on Twitter, you are aware that OL supporters can be creative there. Especially when their club shoots a new European opponent and they flood the network of Photoshop (Paint?) Montages touting their team with a certain mockery. This burst of creativity has seen a new incredible episode in recent days, with the birth of a meme presenting Rudi Garcia grimé as a clown.

Even that led the Lyon club to publish, Wednesday morning, a few hours from the match against Juventus, a virulent statement: "OL informs that the club will now file a complaint for all the content, posted or shared on its networks social, likely to constitute insult, defamation, threat, harassment or incitement to hatred. "

OL informs that the club will now file a complaint for all the content, posted or shared on its social networks, which may constitute insult, defamation, threat, harassment or even incitement to hatred .https: //

- Olympique Lyonnais (@OL) February 26, 2020

Behind this meme, there is obviously a long passive love-hate between Lyonnais supporters on Twitter and the club. One of the influential fans tells the story of the grimed Rudi: "There is no precise origin for this image, it was posted like that by a twitto without being out of the ordinary, it doesn’t there was no wave of image submissions as there may be during the draws. And then, this weekend, a twitto who posted the photo was blocked by the club's official account. Everyone found it a bit ridiculous. And as we are children of 4 years old, we suddenly reacted by sharing this photo en masse. It is our response to this grotesque communication fault of the club to want to block its supporters. "

- Garcia out (@ LilRen_69) February 25, 2020

The editing therefore becomes the same as the Lyonnais supporters spamming the slightest tweet from the official account of Olympique Lyonnais. The diversions are increasing, a mounting competition is even launched.

Okay guys:

Clown contest under this tweet, post your best montage!

- Out Of Context Olympique Lyonnais (@OL_OutofContext) February 24, 2020

Until, therefore, this official OL communication, to which some supporters have chosen to respond either by the meme of Rudi as a clown, or by new montages on the prison universe, imagining themselves already spending their lives behind bars. Not sure that that makes the club laugh a lot and the president Jean-Michel Aulas, who seems in great difficulty in his mission of reconciliation with a part of his supporters. Especially after choosing Rudi Garcia as the new coach. "This meme is a form of rejection," explains our supporter. There is hatred for Rudi Garcia, that's for sure. But it is especially that the Lyon supporters do not have many means of expression that Jean-Michel Aulas accepts. As he is on Twitter and we know that, he sees it, we know that it pisses him off… ”

Asked at a press conference on Tuesday on the relationship with the supporters and the installation by the latter of a murderous banner on the OL Park store, Rudi Garcia had preferred to calm the game to call for sacred union: "We have been a little surprised because we thought that the supporters came to encourage us, to charge us for the three games of the week. Inside the group, please believe that the context is not gloomy. The group lives well. And this week is still exciting and incredible, which proves the greatness of OL. We are going to be in front of our audience and we are going to help this 12th man to find resources. "


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