Chunichi Okinawa Camp Launch Director "Points Near 100" February 17:47

Professional baseball Chunichi launched a camp in Okinawa on the 26th, and Tsuyoshi Yoda looked back on a fulfilling month, saying, "You can score close to 100 points."

On the middle day, the camp we visited in Chatan-cho, Okinawa Prefecture reached the last day.

Yudai Ohno, who was appointed as the opening pitcher, and Neo, a second year player who continued to appeal to the opening army, practiced lightly for about 2 hours.

Finally, the players and staff gathered on the ground, and captain Shuhei Takahashi greeted him, "Let's do our best to win the event."

On the camp, aiming for a return from the fourth place or less for the seventh consecutive year, the camp focused on raising the strength of the camp, with a menu focused on actual battles, such as practice games with other teams.

In particular, young fielders, such as Neo, made batting results, indicating the expectation that the team's athlete layer would increase in thickness.

"I feel a great response to seeing young people trying to threaten the regulars. You can score close to 100 points," said Yoda.

He said, "I'm looking forward to the next month," I'm looking forward to more results, so I want to link what I've done to the results. "