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Angels Otani's first open game has no hits Reds Akiyama has one hit


Major league player Angels Shohei Ohtani is the fourth and deserved hitter in the open game against Reds in Arizona on the 25th for the first time this season.

Angels Otani's first open game has no hits Reds Akiyama has one hit February 26 9:02

Angels of the Major League Division, Shohei Otani, was the first player in the season to play in the open game against Reds in Arizona on the 25th with the No. 4 hitter, making no hits in two strokes. Shogo Akiyama of Reds participated in this game, and they played for the first time in the United States.

Otani will play this season as a designated batter from the start, and will return to the right elbow surgery around mid-May as a pitcher and play with a two-sword style of pitching and hitting.

Otani entered the open game against Reds in Tempe, Arizona on the 25th as the No. 4 designated hitter, and took on the first actual battle of the season.

Otani hit the first at-bat with the chance of first base and second base, and was driven by a two-strike.

In the second at-bat, the second pitcher played against the second pitcher on the first base with two outs, and the fourth ball was a missed strikeout.

The fourth at bat was a short goro, hitting the second two-seam against a fourth pitcher. Otani had no hits in this game, with two strokes.

On the other hand, Akiyama missed a strike with a fifth 145km fastball after the first at-bat was driven, but in the second at-bat, he hit a Uchino hit from the second left pitcher. I hit. This is the second consecutive hit.

The fifth at bat was a foul fly to the third against the third pitcher.

Akiyama was replaced by five defenses, with three hits and one hit.

Prior to this match, Otani and Akiyama had a handshake of reunion on the ground and exchanged short words.

Otani "After a long and unique atmosphere"

Otani did not participate in the open game last season due to the effect of his right elbow, which was the first open game in two years.

Otani said, "The open match has been a long time and it has a unique atmosphere, but it was good to be able to play one match."

Regarding the 3 at bats in this game that did not hit, "I improved a little from the first at bat to 2 at bats and 3 at bats. I thought I was catching the last 3 at bats, but I thought I was on the ball And the bat's trajectory and sense of distance improved. "

On the other hand, he said that he played against Akiyama of Reds, saying "Akiyama can leave a batting average and has a long hitting power, so I am looking forward to the season and I want to do my best."

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