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"Wuhan" Li Na's tenacity and struggle are like the spirit of this city


Chinanews Client Beijing, February 26th (Xing Rui) On the 26th, Li Na, the former "sister of the Asian tennis world," ushered in her 38th birthday. This birthday must be unusual for her-her hometown of Wuhan is being tested by the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Screenshot of Li Na's social media.

Looking through Li Na's social media, her latest status on Weibo is reposting a song called "Wuhan 伢" with the text: "Come on in Wuhan! Come on in China!"

"伢" means "child" in Wuhan dialect. Li Na is an out-of-the-box "Wuhan 伢". After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the Wuhan uncle donated 3 million yuan to his hometown to support the medical supplies of designated hospitals.

Wuhan, the core position of the current "outbreak of the epidemic", is a "hero city" on the Yangtze River, where Li Na was born and raised. Her tennis-related dreams have taken root here, and this hot ground has also subtly shaped her tenacity and perseverance.

Data map: The picture shows Li Na won the 2014 Australian Open Women's Singles Championship.

Li Na has been associated with tennis since she was 6 years old. At that time, she practiced tennis at an amateur sports school in Wuhan, next to Zhongshan Park. There used to be a tennis court in this park. It looked like a clay court, but it was actually sandy soil. Children played on such a field and took off in the sand as soon as they ran. It was easier to be injured if they were not careful. In this sand field, Li Na spent her childhood.

Li Na ’s childhood coach recalled that the little girl “was very good at heart and was not afraid to lose.” At first, because of her young age, Li Na could never win a classmate who was older than her, but “this child is really ruthless ... biting Tooth training soon defeated the other children in the team. "

As she grows older, with her perseverance in her unique talents, Li Na's skills have improved rapidly. At the age of 14, she entered the Hubei Provincial Team to continue her studies. Because she often goes to Beijing and Shenzhen for training, she sometimes can't meet her parents for months. However, in this year, Li Na experienced the first major accident in her life.

Data map: 2011 French Open women's singles final, the picture shows Li Na in the game.

Once, Li Na was going to Guangzhou to compete. She set off from Beijing and passed through Wuchang Station. Her father came to the train station to meet her in order to make her feel at ease. At that time, Li Na couldn't get out of the car, and her father on the platform couldn't get in. The two met each other across the window and the train started.

However, this turned out to be the last time Li Na and her father met. After Li Na ended the race and rushed home, waiting for her was his father's portrait and wreath—dear dad has passed away, this young girl who should have enjoyed the flower season "suddenly , Everything must be on your own. "

People don't grow up slowly, but mature in a day. Only when Li Na is more tenacious and hard-working, can he overcome the test of fate; just as the sudden epidemic puts Jiangcheng into silence, but the resilience that dares to rise to the difficulties has created the "immune system" of this hot land. No matter how hard it is, the tinder of hope and the force of persistence will not extinguish or dissipate.

Data map: On January 29th, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the weather in Wuhan was "closed" due to the pneumonia epidemic of a new coronavirus infection. The picture shows there are few vehicles on the bridge surface of the Yingzhouzhou Yangtze River Bridge. Photo by Yang Chengchen of China News Agency

Li Na, who lost her father, turned her grief into the driving force of the game. She was extremely eager to win, because only by winning would she be able to support the family, pay off the medical expenses owed by his father when he was ill, and comfort his father in the spirit of heaven.

She described her feelings in her autobiography "Playing Alone": "Your desire for victory is like trekking in the desert, and those who are dying are dying for clear water. Then you have hope."

Li Na grew rapidly on the field. In 2001, she scored three golds and one bronze at the National Games. Although Chinese tennis was not a particularly popular sport at that time, Li Na still showed strong competitiveness. But after that, Li Na experienced another trough in her career. Before the 2002 Busan Asian Games, she unexpectedly announced her retirement—though in hindsight, this short period was more like a dormant period before the outbreak.

Data map: On June 4, local time, the 2011 French Open Women's Singles Final was held at Roland Garros Stadium. The picture shows Li Na lying excitedly on the playing field after winning the game.

After retiring, she studied at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. After a period of precipitation on campus, Li Na still couldn't put up tennis. With the encouragement of the leader of the network management center at the time, she was impressed and decided to return. Although she has not participated in a Grand Slam event, she stubbornly puts forward higher requirements for herself and wants to focus on the four Grand Slams!

At that time, Li Na ’s enlightenment coach heard this sentence and was not surprised: "This girl is really ambitious."

Under the guidance of her boyfriend Jiang Shan, Li Na's level of athletics has improved by leaps and bounds. In 2006, the two also entered the palace of marriage. After going through the solo twists and turns, Li Na finally ushered in a sky-high highlight period. In 2011, she won the French Open Women's Singles Championship and became the first Asian player to win this honor. In 2014, she reached the Australian Open again. In September of the same year, Li Na announced his retirement.

Li Na's dream has finally come true. The only regret is that every time she wins, she will think, what kind of mood would her father feel when he saw all this?

Data Map: The 16th Lawrence World Sports Awards 2015 was held in the Shanghai Grand Theater. Chinese tennis player Li Na, one of the best female athlete candidates, attended the awards ceremony. The picture shows Li Na and Jiang Shan Lawrence at the awards show show affection. Photo by Tang Yanjun issued by China News Agency

It is said that there is a mantra in Wuhan, called "disobedience week". Some people have concluded that this sentence has a history of more than 2,000 years, but the meaning has always been consistent-not convinced, unconvinced. It is this stubborn spirit that has run through his career, allowing Li Na, a girl chasing her dream from Wuhan Zhongshan Park, to become a world-class tennis master.

This year is the sixth year that Li Na has retired. After leaving the field, her life is equally exciting. While promoting tennis, Li Na also didn't forget to go home often. From time to time, she will bring a pair of children back to Wuhan, take her children to "too early", and then go to Zhongshan Park to play. She wants the children to know that this is where parents grow up and where heroes are born.

After winning the French Open in 2011, a bronze statue of Li Na screaming and fisting was erected on the Avenue of Stars on the Hankou River Beach. She was also awarded the title of "Meritorious Citizen" in Wuhan. Perseverance and struggle have made an ordinary girl the king of the arena and the pride of her hometown, the city, and even China.

Data Map: On the evening of September 30, 2014, Li Na ’s retirement ceremony was held as scheduled at the National Tennis Center Diamond Court. The Asian first Grand Slam singles champion and China ’s second-ranked Jinhua sister officially ranked Farewell to her global supporters as a professional player. Photo by Chen Jing of China News Agency

The value concept conveyed by sports is more deeply rooted in people's hearts because it uses hormones as a carrier to inject human empathy into the softest part of each viewer's heart. One person, one city, one nation will inevitably experience ups and downs, but encountering difficulties, facing difficulties, and solving difficulties, this stubborn spirit is even more needed. Only a tough heart can activate the strength of the tenacious struggle, create the greatest kinetic energy, win in the competitive arena, win in the struggle against the virus, and firmly hold your destiny in your own hands.

Just like Li Na, who once suffered from hardships and experience, her hometown of Wuhan, this city is also now in the midst of calamity, but everyone has seen her unyielding fighting spirit in adversity. "Wuhan" Li Na's tenacity and struggle are like the spirit of this city.

The spirit of the city is not an empty slogan, but it is shaped by thousands of ordinary people like you and me who gather them. It is inevitable that there will be depression or complaints, which is human nature; but more, it is an upward force, a kind of bitterness, no matter how hard it is to suffer, and to hold on to the position of life. Strength, this strength will make us believe in the future more firmly, believe in hope, and believe that there will be a spring day.

Through the steadfast backs of the white soldiers who died alive, through the tenacity of the whole people to fight the epidemic, through the sweat of all fronts and sleepless struggles ... I believe we will see this hero in the near future. The city will definitely win the final victory. (Finish)

Source: chinanews

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