Pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun of major league St. Louis scored the first qualifying game. He struck out two strikeouts under the new nickname 'KK' and scored no innings.

This is reporter Kim Jung-woo.


Kim Kwang-hyun took the big league mound in her dreams by appearing as the third pitcher of St. Louis at the beginning of the 5th New York Mets.

Suddenly there was a shower, but he did not mind and sprinkled the ball.

The first batter, Cordell, struck out the swing with a sharp slider, the main weapon.

The next hitter Rivera walked out of regret, but the third batter logger was again struck out by a slider.

"It's a nice slider. It's a sharp move from the end."

He finished his debut with a Mets shortstop, Rosario, with a ground ball in front of third baseman in just two pitches.

[Kim Kwang-hyun / St. Louis pitcher: Actually I thought the first game was the most important. It was the first day I climbed the mound I dreamed of. I have to get more strikeouts in the next game. You shouldn't catch two of them each time. I'm not particularly pleased or satisfied about today's game.]

Kim Kwang-hyun signed St. Louis fans after the match and ended the day.

Kim Kwang-hyun is scheduled to start for the first time in the pilot game on the 27th.

(Video Editing: Park Chun Bae)