Good evening and welcome to the Europa League live blog! We (Robbert van der Linde and Jeroen van Barneveld) will keep you up to date on the performance of Ajax and AZ in the European tournament.

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  • AZ-LASK 1-1
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  • Getafe-Ajax 2-0

AZ-LASK · one minute ago

86 'GOAL AZ! 1-1

Teun Koopmeiners shoots AZ in the final phase on a level with LASK. The captain, penalty specialist by profession, sends LASK goalkeeper Schlager into the wrong corner. An important hit for the Alkmaarders.

AZ-LASK · 2 minutes ago

86 ' Penalty for AZ! AZ will receive a penalty in the final phase of the match. A LASK player receives Calvin Stengs' free kick on the arm. A justified decision by the referee after seeing the images.

AZ-LASK · 2 minutes ago

85 'The referee is looking at the images on the apple of the VAR. That seems like LASK hands in the penalty area.

AZ-LASK · 3 minutes ago

84 'What a chance for AZ on the 1-1. Dani de Wit has the equalizer on the shoe when a free kick by Calvin Stengs runs in dangerously, but the LASK goalkeeper saves.

AZ-LASK · 5 minutes ago

82 'Teun Koopmeiners throws himself into the trajectory of Goiginger's shot like a warrior, thus preventing a dangerous shot on Marco Bizot's goal.

Olympiacos-Arsenal · 6 minutes ago

81 'GOAL Arsenal! 0-1

In a match that looks like a typical 0-0 game, Arsenal makes a very important hit. With a low cross, Bukayo Saka finds the foot of Alexandre Lacazette, who cleverly prevents offside and taps easily.

AZ-LASK · 7 minutes ago

80 'Ferdy Druijf, the hero of Antwerp and pinchhitter by profession, has to get the chestnuts out of the fire for AZ. He comes within the lines for the disappointing Oussama Idrissi.

Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · 12 minutes ago

73 'GOAL FC Porto! 2-1

Porto has a very important goal from there. Marulanda Luis Diaz is the best at a free kick and heads hard on goal. Leverkusen keeper Lukas Hradecky gets a hand behind it, but not enough to keep the ball out of his goal.

AZ-LASK · 13 minutes ago

74 'Oussama Idrissi finally shows fragments of his class. The Arjen Robben from AZ first goes outside, then dribbles inside and releases a shot in the short corner with his right leg. LASK goalkeeper Schlager struggles with difficulty.

AZ-LASK · 15 minutes ago

With his hands in his pockets, trainer Arne Slot watches powerlessly as his team struggles against the LASK warriors. The pressure is going to increase these days on the coach of the coach, who seems to be eliminated on all fronts (competition, cup and Europe) in one week.

AZ-LASK · 19 minutes ago

68 'Ramon Leeuwin just plays a simple wide pass across the sidelines. It is typical of the heavenly game of AZ.

AZ-LASK · 22 minutes ago

66 'AZ has a strong headwind in Alkmaar in the second half and that has an impact on the game. The team of trainer Arne Slot, famous for its fresh, frivolous and cheerful attack game, makes an unrecognizable impression.

VfL Wolfsburg-Malmö FF · 22 minutes ago

63 'GOAL VfL Wolfsburg! 2-1

Admir Mehmedi gets his head against a free kick by Maximilian Arnold and is aiming the ball very precisely in the corner. For the first time tonight, Wout Weghorst and his teammates are in the lead.

VfL Wolfsburg-Malmö FF · 22 minutes ago

Wout Weghorst is disappointed with the opening goal of Malmö. In the meantime, however, the Wolfsburg striker has already seen his attack buddy Josip Brekalo equalize.

AZ-LASK · 25 minutes ago

61 'Prompt is faltering AZ and the Alkmaarders have to prevent the 0-2 with all their might. Marco Bizot whips the ball out of his goal after a change in direction, after which a few AZ's players throw themselves with soul and bliss for the ball. Fortunately for AZ, the damage is not aggravated.

Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · 28 minutes ago

57 'GOAL Bayer Leverkusen! 2-0

Kai Havertz gets a second chance from eleven meters, because referee Vincic judges that the players of FC Porto come too early. The second attempt of the striker is a lot better and enters in the lower right corner.

Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · 29 minutes ago

55 ' Bayer Leverkusen misses penalty! The deployment of Kai Havertz is really abominable. The attacker slipped through the middle, giving Augustin Marchesin the chance to save Porto.

AZ-LASK · 30 minutes ago

57 'LASK trainer Valerien Ismael has taken a smart view of that. He takes Rene Renner to the side, who just applied for his second yellow card from the soaking wet evening in Alkmaar.

Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · 31 minutes ago

54 ' Penalty Bayer Leverkusen! Peter Bosz's team has the perfect opportunity to double the margin. Volland is pulled to the ground by Manafa and the ball lands on the dot.

AZ-LASK · 31 minutes ago

AZ has clearly emerged better from the dressing room and is currently dominating against LASK, which is leaning back and is unable to keep the rows closed.

AZ-LASK · 34 minutes ago

53 'Trainer Arne Slot and AZ players shouted for a second yellow card for LASK's Renner after a foul, but the Finnish referee Gestranius is holding his cards here.

AZ-LASK · 35 minutes ago

52 'Marco Bizot has to get back into action when Renner releases a dangerous cross to goalkeeper Raguz, but the AZ goalkeeper defuses the danger with his fists.

VfL Wolfsburg-Malmö FF · 36 minutes ago

50 'GOAL VfL Wolfsburg! 1-1

A super-fast response from the Germans. Josip Brekalo shoots Wolfsburg almost immediately from the kick-off next to Malmö. The Croatian attack partner of Wout Weghorst gets lucky with the ball, but the way he sweeps the ball in the far intersection is pure class.

AZ-LASK · 38 minutes ago

49 'What an opportunity for AZ! Finally the Alkmaarders go through the Austrian butter like a hot knife. Myron Boadu ticks Jonas Svensson's cross against LASK goalkeeper Schlager.

VfL Wolfsburg-Malmö FF · 38 minutes ago

48 'GOAL Malmö FF! 0-1

Wout Weghorst catches up with Wolfsburg shortly after the break. Malmö receives a penalty after hands by Kevin Mbabu in the sixteen. Isaac Thelin sits behind the ball and flawlessly enters.

AZ-LASK · 39 minutes ago

47 'AZ is again asleep at a far throw-in from the right. Raguz can bring the ball under control, but he runs into a sliding Dani de Wit.

Europa League · 41 minutes ago

46 'The ball also rolls again in Nicosia, Rome, Leverkusen, Piraeus, Glasgow, Wolfsburg and Wolverhampton. Will we get to see some more goals in Europe after the break?

AZ-LASK · 42 minutes ago

Kickoff! The ball rolls again in Alkmaar. Can AZ turn its back on the moderate showing in the first half, when it fell behind LASK? Trainer Arne Slot made no changes during the break.

AZ-LASK · 44 minutes ago

It is counting ponchos in the grandstand of AZ, where the rain is chattering en masse on the seats. The game of the home club is also not really warm.

Getafe-Ajax · one hour ago

Blind is annoyed by 'annoying team' Getafe
Daley Blind believes that Ajax should be critical of itself, but was annoyed by Getafe's game. "Getafe is a very nasty team to play against. The players constantly went to the ground," said the defender after the 2-0 defeat. "It is frustrating that you do nothing and kick the referee everywhere. He had absolutely no control over the game. These are not things that should bother us, but that is sometimes difficult. What we have shown today is not the position game that we can play. Too many players were not present well enough. "

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

These are the first half statistics between AZ and LASK:

Ball possession: 63% -37%
Goal attempts: 2-6
Shots on goal: 1-3
Corners: 1-0
Violations: 6-11

Europa League · one hour ago

These are the positions elsewhere on the European fields, where there is peace everywhere. Peter Bosz leads Bayer Leverkusen at home against FC Porto, Justin Kluivert sees AS Roma taking the lead against Ghent from the bench and Wout Weghorst and his Wolfsburg teammates, just like Malmö's opponent, cannot find the goal yet.

APOEL-FC Basel 0-1
AS Roma-Ghent 1-0
Bayer Leverkusen FC Porto 1-0
Olympiakos-Arsenal 0-0
Rangers FC-Sporting Braga 0-1
VfL Wolfsburg-Malmö FF 0-0
Wolverhampton Wanderers-Espanyol 1-0

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

Striking image from the first half in rainy Alkmaar. LASK holds AZ in its grip, as attack leader Myron Boadu has already experienced.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

Peace! It seems cynically enough that AZ has gained inspiration at Ajax, because it is hardly a meter in the team of coach Arne Slot against LASK. The Austrians do not allow the Alkmaarders a moment's rest and deserve a 0-1 lead thanks to a goal by Marko Raguz.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

45 'The referee adds two minutes more injury time in the first half of AZ-LASK.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

42 'Jonas Svensson hands in the ball in the penalty area to a player from LASK, who finds teammate Frieser. Goalkeeper Marco Bizot prevents the 0-2 with his feet.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

38 'Oh, Calvin Stengs anyway. The attacker can take over and has plenty of space, but he opts for a stab to Myron Boadu. LASK can easily defuse that ball. Exemplary for the moderate field game of the Alkmaarders against the energetic Austrians.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

Balancing AZ players bow their heads after Marko Raguz's 0-1 on behalf of LASK, with base deputy Hakon Evjen leading the way.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

34 'The referee draws three yellow cards in a short time, including for Calvin Stengs and Myron Boadu. The attackers are clearly not in the match and are not coming loose from their Austrian attackers.

Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · one hour ago

29 'GOAL Bayer Leverkusen! 1-0

Peter Bosz sees his team taking the lead in tonight's top poster. Lucas Alario is in the right place to enter a cross extended by Kerem Demirbay. In the first instance the goal seems to be rejected due to offside, but arbitrator Slavko Vincic has the VAR at his disposal and after viewing the images judges that the goal counts.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

30 'LASK may have scored from his first shot on goal, but AZ is also not doing very well in their own stadium. The Alkmaarders are constantly hunted by the opponent from Austria and therefore cannot play their beloved combination football.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

24 'GOAL LASK! 0-1

A damper for AZ. A far throw from the right side of LASK - a trademark of the Austrians - shoots through and comes at the feet of Marko Raguz, who shoots the ball through the legs of Ramon Leeuwin behind goalkeeper Marco Bizot. Bizot has no chance because of the shot changed direction.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

The Austrian wall is made of concrete and cannot be broken for AZ, not even for racer Oussama Idrissi, who constantly gets two players from LASK on his roof.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

20 'Dani de Wit hopes to launch Hakon Evjen over the right flank, but the Norwegian cannot reach the ball, as De Wit's pass is far too inaccurate and a prey for LASK goalkeeper Schlager.

AZ-LASK · one hour ago

17 'AZ plays a lot more conservatively than it usually does in the Eredivisie. Owen Wijndal, who often thunders over the left flank like a TGV, is more often than he likes in his own half. That seems to be a clear instruction from trainer Arne Slot.

AZ-LASK · 2 hours ago

Calvin Stengs dances past his Austrian opponent like a ballerina, but the attacker, set up today as an attacking midfielder, clearly has to come loose on the swampy turf in Alkmaar.

Getafe-Ajax · 2 hours ago

The past still offers some hope for Ajax. The team from Amsterdam suffered a defeat four times before in the first match of a European diptych, but twice they managed to make it to the next round. That was a while ago, because that happened in 1977 against Lillestrom SK and a year later against Athletic Bilbao.

AZ-LASK Linz · 2 hours ago

The eleven are to create a good starting position for LASK tonight for AZ for the return next week in Austria.

Getafe-Ajax · 2 hours ago

A disappointed, grim look at Erik ten Hag, who suffers his first European defeat as a coach of Ajax.

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