Cubs Darvish 4 hitters without hitting four main hitters 14:03 on February 20

Major League Cubs pitcher Darvish pitched for the first time at a camp in Arizona against a batter and failed to hit the team's four main players.

Darvish pitcher went to camp in Mesa, Arizona on the 12th of this month and has practiced twice with a bullpen.

On the 19th, they practiced the practice of pitching to batters, throwing 5 balls per person against four of Cubs' main players.

Darvish pitched a fastball from the first Bryant and split a second left batter from Hayward.

The third Bayes player was a short fly, and the fourth left batter, Riso, was a center fly.

Darvish pitcher pitched 22 balls against the four main players, hitting the ball without hitting the ball, and as a result, he said, "There is still some variation, but the ball in the strike zone felt strong." I was talking with a look.

And before the open game, the ball speed exceeded 155 km and the good condition, such as "I feel the difference even in catch ball, the ball is very good. With a ball like" I was throwing such a ball " It feels strange. "

Darvish is expected to pitch in an open game after another practice-style pitch.