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The corona virus cripples all sports in China


The spread of the corona virus has had major consequences for Chinese sports. Amanda Zahui who plays in the Chinese club Shandong does not know if there will be any more games in the club. - No one can go out or leave their apartments neither the Chinese players nor the coaches. They are not allowed to spend time with each other and there are no workouts.

Amanda Zahui went from China home to Sweden a couple of weeks ago to play with the Swedish national team in the Olympic qualifiers in Belgium. After those matches, the basketball star did not return to China.

- Health comes first. I really wanted to go back and play clearly and end the season but not with life as a bet and now I don't know what happens, says Zahui.

All sports canceled

Nobody in the club Shandong speaks English but the communication is through Zahui's agent who talks to Chinese agents and the club's interpreter. But right now there is not much information coming from the club.

- I get very little information, but I know that everything is at a standstill, the women's basketball, the men's basketball and what I understand is that there is no sport at all in China. All sports are down, Zahui says.

The official information that came from the Chinese league is that it will be playoffs in April, something that Amanda Zahui doesn't think is possible.

- Don't really understand how it would go. Which teams should go directly to the playoffs? Then, after all, many foreign players have contracts with other clubs after the Chinese season.

Games in Europe

The problem for Zahui now is that she still has a contract with Shandong. Her agent tries to get in touch with the club to settle the contract and instead find a club in Europe.

- As I said, it's not easy to get in touch and how I can solve the contract, I have no idea. My agent is really trying to solve it but it's very shaky and uncertain, Zahui says.

How are you doing right now?

- Right now it's chaos. I am a person who likes to keep track and know exactly what is going on but now I really have to try to change and take one day at a time.

Is it an alternative to playing in a Swedish team?

- No, it's not.

You have one year left on the contract with New York Liberty in the WNBA. When do you start there.

- Camp starts at the end of April and then I think the league starts May 16. If nothing else, it may happen that I pull over to the US earlier.

ARCHIVE: The Olympic dream away for Sweden

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The Olympic dream away for Sweden - fell to Belgium

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