Reds Akiyama Agile Movement Major League First Year Start February 19 6:23

Shogo Akiyama, who has transferred from professional baseball player Seibu to Major League Reds, entered the team's camp in Arizona on the 18th and started in Xintiandi.

Akiyama, the 31-year-old professional baseball player with the most hits in the season, signed a three-year contract with Reds last month to transfer to the target major league.

In the Reds camp, fielders joined the team on the 18th to practice the entire team, and Akiyama also entered the camp, starting the first year of the Major League.

Akiyama was celebrated on the first day by wearing Red's team-colored red training outfit, and he was praised by his coaches for his agile movements, such as catching a fly while running, making use of his agility in defensive practice in the outfield.

In free batting where the coach throws the ball, he entered the batter's box five times and swung 33 times.

Akiyama, the left batter, not only pulled in the right direction, but also hit a lot of hits at a wide angle, and there was also a sharp hit directly hitting the middle left fence.

Akiyama is expected to be the main player in the Reds, and it is important to see if he can demonstrate his ability in the open game starting this month.