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By Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi


Written by the wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, President of the Sharjah Foundation for Women’s Sports. This is how nations rise and civilizations build a few days ago, at the end of the fifth edition of the Games for Arab Clubs for Women. We called this event that became the most important and

Written by the wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, President of Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation.

This is how nations rise and build civilizations

A few days have passed since the end of the fifth edition of the Games for Arab Clubs for Women, and we have bid farewell to this event, which has become the most important and largest in the sport of women in the Arab world, leaving in us feelings of pride, pride and hope. He was proud of the accomplishment of the efforts of clubs, players and partner and supportive institutions that proved that the most important and greatest achievements in history were mostly a result of joint teamwork, and a pride in the position of Arab sports, self-confidence and faith in their capabilities, and the hope of consolidating the position that this nation deserves in the field of global creative work.

Due to efforts, coordination and cooperation, we did not witness, during eleven days of competitions and victories, just a games for women’s sport, but an integrated civilized scene, formed by cooperation, creative work and high-value values ​​that brought together all the participants. One of the characteristics of sport is that it brings out the best in man and makes it exceed the traditional boundaries To his abilities, cultivate his culture, deepen his morals, strengthen his ties with his surroundings, and accustom him to partnership, giving, trusting others and respecting their role, all of this was embodied on the competition arenas, auditoriums, stadiums and stadiums, and behind the scenes of games where complete teams make great efforts to bring this event to Unworthy of the aspirations of women and our Arab societies. In a scene that says, nations rise and civilizations built.

The march of Arab women’s sport started in Sharjah from the beginning. In fact, I did not imagine that I would witness this number of professional Arab players at a level that rises to international standards so quickly, but with the efforts of clubs and the giving of coaches and coaches and their belief in the capabilities of Arab women, this dream has been achieved and the distance between us and our ambitions has diminished, but we have begun to dare to extend the scope of this ambition to become Without borders, so we are proud of every player and administration in our Arab clubs and we are proud of it from this land and we promise that Sharjah will not skimp on this path or hesitate to continue it.

Our belief in the sport of women is based on many facts. Some countries allocate to create a suitable sporting environment for youth and men, huge amounts that exceed much that they allocate to women’s sport, knowing that women in our societies are pillars, as they are the family and the nucleus of society and the nation. May God have mercy on Shawki when he said: “The mother is a school if I prepare it I have prepared a people of good ethnicity. " The preparation is not on one side without the other. Rather, the preparation in sport covers all aspects of life and its requirements in terms of culture, creation, behaviors and ability to continue giving.

The Arab Clubs for Women course demonstrated the possibility of overcoming the traditional debate about the ability or the inability of women to partner in all fields.
The woman said her speech in the competition arenas and proved that she is able not only to participate, but also to be one of the symbols of this nation that is entitled to be proud of the achievements of her sons and daughters, and she needs these achievements in order to enhance her cultural balance and the signs of her progress, and the most important indication of progress today is the amount of participation All segments of society in different activities and activities without discrimination or diminishing the right of anyone.

Sport is a right, not just a luxury, a building tool, not entertainment, a development necessity and not an option, this is what the world unanimously agreed upon today and this is what we have learned from every individual and institution that participated and participated in the Games for Arab Clubs for Women, and on these facts we build our future plans that are all based on readiness Preparation, and finally, let our preparations be based on our dreams and ambitions, and let us continue the efforts to accomplish more. Success in this life belongs to the hard-working and the hard-working. We are confident in your hard work and your hard work, and the days and nights of the competitions still prove that you are as much and the size of hope.

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