Major League Mariners Kikuchi 2nd pitching practice with Bullpen Feb 17 13:01

On the fourth day of the camp, pitcher Yusei Kikuchi of the Major League Mariners pitched a batter in his second practice with a bullpen and checked the feel of the changing ball.

Kikuchi pitcher kept his starting rotation last season, the first year of the Major League, while he scored 6 wins and 11 losses with an ERA of 5.46, and worked on improving his pitching form in the off-season.

Kikuchi pitched his second practice pitching with a bullpen on the 16th of the fourth camp in Peoria, Arizona.

In addition to the fastball, pitcher Kikuchi pitched all four pitches, 10 curves each for curves, sliders, and change-ups.

In the last 14 pitches, the coach was standing in the batter's box on the right and throwing the ball in good control while checking the trajectory of the changing ball.

In addition to Scott Service director, Ichiro, a retired instructor last year, was watching the pitching.

Kikuchi commented, "I was conscious of the balance today because I was on the first day of the camp, so I was more aware of my balance today. I can't do that. "

After pitching, pitcher Kikuchi asked for his impression, and Ichiro said, "My arms are swinging well and I think it's good for this time."

Kikuchi pitcher is going to pitch against batter on this month 19th.