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Hanna Öberg is the reigning champion - but now the distance can go


Hanna Öberg is the reigning Olympic and World Champion at a distance. But now the classic biathlon branch can disappear from the Olympic and World Cup programs. - It is perhaps the most boring competition to watch, says Hanna Öberg.

Swedish biathlon slipped into a new, brighter time when Hanna Öberg took a rattle gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics. The 24-year-old struck at a distance, where the following year she took the World Cup gold in Östersund. But now the Swedish gold branch is being questioned by the other nations.

- It's a race that could be on its way out. The talk is that the single mix relay might be more fun for the audience to watch. The distance is a good biathlon competition with four shootings and a long ride time, but the crowd at the stadium has a hard time keeping up with what is happening. Each miss gives a minute's extra, so you have to keep track of the results list to know what's going on, says the biathlon national team manager Anders Byström.

SVT Sports expert Björn Ferry wants to safeguard the classic biathlon discipline of the Olympic and World Cup program.

- I want it left. It has the longest tradition and it differs from the others. But we live well in a like-time so people can vote and it disappears. It is the least popular, but I think it has its place, he says.

Hanna Öberg herself takes it easy on the distance or not being in the future, even though she understands that it is not the highest in the course.

- It is perhaps the most boring competition to watch, I can buy that too. But we'll see, I'm happy as long as I get to drive it.

The distance proposed to replace the classic branch in the Olympics is single mix relay.

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Tiril Eckhoff and Hanna Öberg. Photo: Photo Agency

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