Horse racing Nanako Fujita jockey Fallen during a race Broken left collarbone 17:21 on February 15

JRA = Nanako Fujita, a female jockey of the Japan Racing Association, has fallen in a race held at Kokura Racecourse in Kitakyushu on the 15th and broke his left collarbone.

A 22-year-old jockey Fujita rode on the 4th most popular ransom trap in the 5th race on the 15th at the Kokura Racecourse on Shiba 1800m.

Fujita, who was racing behind him, hit the horse in front of him 800 meters behind and fell off.

According to JRA, Fujita broke his left collarbone and was transported to a hospital in Kitakyushu.

Fujita is a female jockey born at JRA for the first time in 16 years. In his fifth year this season, he has shown seven victories so far, approaching three wins to a total of 100 wins.