Wheelchair basketball spectators demanding implementation in Tokyo Para February 14 16:55

Women's tournament begins in Osaka City with a wheelchair basketball warned by the International Paralympic Committee that they may be excluded from the Tokyo Paralympic Games competition because the rules of classification are not adhered to, and the audience from Tokyo Voices calling for implementation at the Paralympic Games were raised one after another.

Regarding wheelchair basketball, IPC = International Paralympic Committee may exclude from the Tokyo Paralympic Games competition if it does not improve the rules last month, saying that international sports organizations do not adhere to the rules for disability classification I was warned.

The women's tournament began in Osaka with the participation of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan from the 14th, and in the first match Japan played against England, which was second in the Adult World Championships.

Japan made good use of their defensive abilities to beat their opponents well, but lost 44-49, and lost 46-63 in Canada.

A 71-year-old woman who came to the tournament every year for several years said, "I think it's really amazing how the players are doing their best. I want them to compete at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, and have good results in Japan. I want you to get it. "

A man in his 50s visited from Kyoto Prefecture said, "I think classifying disabilities is a difficult problem, but I think the characteristics of each sport are different. I would like to have it implemented at the Tokyo Metropolitan Paralympic Games. "

The tournament will be held at Osaka City Central Gymnasium until the 16th.

National players focus on bronze medal goal

IPC = International Paralympic Committee believes that there may be players who may not be able to participate in the Paralympic Games in wheelchair basketball in order to maintain the fairness of the competition because players who are not considered to be disabled in other sports may be playing. Suggests.

After the game, Ikumi Fujii, the captain of the class with the second lightest obstacle, said to the Tokyo Paralympics, "We want to work on the task firmly without doing anything. To win the bronze medal that the team raised I want to go to the end without giving up with a strong feeling anyway. "

Also, Mari Amimoto from Osaka, the class with the least disability, said, `` I want to unite as a team and aim for a bronze medal, '' and the players compete for the goal of bronze medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Voice to concentrate on