“I ask you to attach the results of a medical examination to Kushitashvili, in whose urine cocaine was found,” RIA Novosti quoted her as saying.

According to the agency, the court is considering the appeal of the defense against the arrest order of February 2.

Kushitashvili and another boxer, Hovik Hovhannisyan, were detained by the Russian Guard on February 3 on suspicion of possession of drugs.

During the detention, Kushitashvili hit one of the employees. During the search, cocaine was discovered in him. The court sent Kushitashvili under arrest.

On February 13, it became known that the athlete was formally charged.

As noted by lawyer Alexander Degteryov, representing Kushitashvili, an employee of the Russian Guard, trying to detain the athlete, broke his nose as a result of leaving to the side.