Ice hockey player Jay Bouwmeester suffered a heart attack during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday during a match in the NHL. The 36-year-old Canadian lost consciousness when he took a seat on the couch, but his situation has since become stable.

The incident happened during the St. Louis Blues competition visiting Anaheim Ducks. Bouwmeester, defender of the Blues, was brought to the side in the first period and became unconscious on the couch.

The two-fold All-Star (2007 and 2009) soon received medical assistance and could be taken to the hospital in a stable condition. Bouwmeester will still be staying there for further investigation.

"Thanks to the rapid response from our medical staff and from Anaheim, Jay was able to stabilize," said St. Louis Blues manager Doug Armstrong to US media. "He is conscious and could move his arms and legs on the way to the hospital."

The duel between Anaheim Ducks and St. Louis Blues was not resumed. (Photo: Reuters)

Competition immediately stopped

The game between Anaheim Ducks and St. Louis Blues was immediately stopped with an 1-1 score in the first quarter. It is not yet known when the game will resume.

Bouwmeester is a big name in the NHL. He made his debut at the highest level in the North American league in 2002, played more than twelve hundred games and last year won the Stanley Cup with St. Louis Blues (for the first time in club history).

Bouwmeester also experienced some great successes as an international. In 2003 and 2004 he became world champion with Canada and in 2014 he was part of the team that won Olympic gold in Sochi.