In more than one game and when Barcelona is late in the result, the spotlight sheds the spotlight on captain Lionel Messi, who usually suffers a psychological collapse, changes his face and does nothing to urge his teammates to rise up and return the result.

Messi and Cristiano's reactions to the goals they conceded against Juve and Roma. Cristiano's a proper leader of men.

- Emmanuel Tapsoba (@emmanutapsoba) April 13, 2018

More than that, it shows a flat head rubbing his beard and standing motionless in regret of accepting his team's goal for successive goals, without communicating with one of his colleagues, and this is evident in my loss of "Barca" against Rome in the second leg of the 2018 Champions League quarter-final against Rome with three clean , And return to the semi-finals of the same championship last season against Liverpool in four clean.

- Out of Context Messi (@OutMessi_) February 10, 2020

However, a video circulated yesterday on social networking sites showing Messi wearing the captain's shirt and directing his teammates between the two halves of the confrontation with Real Betis when the result was a tie 2-2.

Before the start of the second half of the match, which ended with a difficult victory for Barcelona 3-2, Messi met his colleagues in the tunnel leading to the stadium and demanded that they make an effort "because we can get it (win) and win it (match points)."

- Out of Context Messi (@OutMessi_) February 9, 2020

"We must repeat what we did last days, let us go together united because we will be stronger," Messi said, adding that Messi was the performance that the team presented in the stadium "San Mames" against Athletic Bilbao despite the loss of a goal in the deadly time and out of the King's Cup quarter-finals.

Messi also appeared in another video awaiting the decision of referee Martinez - who was negotiating with the referee's mouse over the goal of Sergio Busquets - before the referee took it into account and Messi responded with encouraging moves for his colleagues.