Dele Alli apologized on Monday for a video clip he previously posted on social media. In it, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder joked about the new corona virus.

"I would like to apologize for the video I posted on Snapchat," says Alli in a video on the Chinese social media Weibo. "It wasn't funny, I realized that quickly and then I immediately deleted the video."

In the video in question, Alli wore a mask at an airport. The English international filmed a man with an Asian appearance and then a bottle of hand soap, in which the 23-year-old midfielder wrote: "This virus will have to be faster to get hold of me."

"I have done poor service to myself and the club," says Alli in his excuse video. "I don't want you to get a bad impression of me because of this."

Alli especially regrets that he was trying to be funny about a virus that cost more than eight hundred people. "This is something you should not joke about. I send everyone in China my love and pray for you."

The Tottenham players enjoy a short break during the winter break in England. On Sunday, the team of manager José Mourinho resumes the Premier League with an away game against Aston Villa.

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