Since the Barcelona and Granada Grand League match on 19 last month, Argentine star Lionel Messi has put a bandage on his left leg, which is the adhesive that players usually use to relieve muscle pain.

In a confrontation last Sunday between Barca and Levante, Messi put his hand more than once on his left leg, as he was not comfortable, lost many balls and squandered several opportunities despite his making two goals for his colleague Anso Fati.

This is what happened also in the Valencia match on 25 last month, which Barca lost two goals without response and lost the lead with it, and it suffices to point out that Messi paid off against Valencia and Levante 22 times on goal without succeeding in shaking the net.

On this topic, the ESPN sports network quotes a source from within the Camp Nou, affirming that "Messi is not injured, but he suffers from pain and discomfort in the left thigh and needs care and caution in training."

This source attributed the cause of this pain to the muscle strain experienced by the Barca players, and not only Messi, as a result of the changes that occurred with Kiki Sittin receiving the task of training the team.

The source continues that "the many different training sessions under the supervision of Sittin negatively affect some players, as they feel tired more than before, and this is what appeared in the muscle pain of some of them, led by Messi."

The news about Messi comes in light of the Catalan team announcing a serious injury to its French striker Othmane Dembele in his right thigh, which could drive him more than four months away.

Barcelona confirmed in an official statement that "the medical examinations that Dembele underwent on Tuesday showed that he had a complete muscle tear in the right thigh."