“I have mixed feelings. It would have been fun to compete at an indoor World Cup, but it is also nice not to risk getting sick, ”writes staffer Armand Duplantis in a text message to Sportbladet.

"It is with great sadness that we have decided to postpone the Athletics World Championships in Nanjing (March 13-15), after consultation with the organizers, until March 2021," writes the International Athletics Association on its website.

Did not want to move the championship

Several cities were prepared to take over the event, but World Athletics (formerly IAAF) did not dare to move to the event.

"The advice from our medical team, which is in contact with the World Health Organization, is that the spread of coronavirus both within China and abroad is still at an alarming level and that we should not place the championship anywhere else as it risks being postponed again."

This is what the Corona virus looks like:

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See the pictures: What the Coronavirus looks like Photo: TT archive