Rugby pitcher Joseph HC ambitions "continue to strengthen and develop" January 29 12:58

Jamie Josephhead, the coach who led Japan to the first eight ever at the Rugby World Cup in Japan last year, decided to meet again after his decision to continue, saying, "Responsibility to continue strengthening and developing Japanese rugby. There is. "

Rugby coach Joseph Head, who has been conducting the Rugby National Team for four years, has taken on new tactics, such as connecting the ball while receiving a tackle, using off-road passes and kicks aimed at space, and last year's World Cup Japan At the tournament, he achieved his first ever best eight.

After the tournament, it was decided to continue conducting for the next World Cup in France in 2023, and a press conference was held in Tokyo on the 29th.

Coach Joseph Head said, "I love Japan and have the responsibility to strengthen Japan's rugby and continue its further development until the next World Cup."

With regard to the future strengthening policy, he said that he was preparing for a test match with the big players Wales and England from June to July. It's a big challenge to get to the level where you can beat the tier 1 giants in a test match, so it's important to be prepared.Believe in yourself because it's a constantly changing sport But it ’s important to keep up with the changing game. ”

In addition, he touched on the “One Team” slogan raised by the Japanese national team, stating, “It was a factor in the success of the Japanese national team and the reason that many people supported us. I want to go. "