This is how sports in China have hit:
  • The International Tennis Federation, ITF, has announced that the Fed Cup group game to be played in Dongguan on February 4-8 will be moved to Astana in Kazakhstan. Participating teams are China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, South Korea and Uzbekistan.
  • Last week, the IOK set the Olympic qualifier in boxing that would take place in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, next month.
  • The Asian Football Association, AFC, has moved Olympic women's qualifying matches for Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and China from Nanjing to Sydney.
  • The alpine world cup competitions in men's speed races , the first to be arranged in the world cup in China, in Yanqing in mid-February is set. In addition, it was the first competitions in the upcoming Olympic slope 2022.
  • The women's Olympic qualification for basketball has been moved from Foshan to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. This is for group four with China, Spain, UK and South Korea.
  • And so tonight; The indoor athletics World Cup in Nanjing, which should have been decided in mid-March, is moved forward one year in time.

At least 130 people have died in the virus and around 6,000 are infected. 56 million people are quarantined in China.

The first Corona cases in Europe confirmed

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The first cases in Europe confirmed