The portrait of Emiliano Sala displayed on the railings at the Beaujoire. - Michel Euler / AP / SIPA

  • Just over a year after the disappearance of Emiliano Sala, the Cardiff club filed a complaint against X in Nantes on Tuesday.
  • The Nantes club and its president Waldemar Kita are affected by this complaint, which concerns the terms of the transfer and the organization of the fatal flight.
  • In the entourage of the FCN, we say "amazed", but completely "serene".

New judicial aspect in the Sala case revealed by L'Equipe this Tuesday evening. Cardiff on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in Nantes to shed light on the transfer and death of the Argentine attacker, who disappeared a year ago in a plane crash. This complaint against X was filed before the Nantes prosecutor's office.

It relates first of all to the terms of the transfer. This legal action directly involves FC Nantes and its president, Waldemar Kita.

"We want to know what roles have played certain intermediaries mandated by the FCN in this transfer and who seemed not to have an official license to exercise their activity in France, explains to 20 Minutes Me Antoine Vey, of the Parisian firm Dupond-Moretti & Vey. We are talking about Willy Mc Kay, his son, Baba Dramé, among others. In what capacity and how were they paid? We suspect a series of retrocommissions and hidden commissions planned within the framework of this transfer. ”

"A suspect for manslaughter"?

The second part of the complaint relates to the organization of the flight during which Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson died. "It gave rise to a series of failures which seem attributable to Willy Mc Kay," continues Antoine Vey. Investigations are requested at Nantes airport, at the level of the airline which operated the flight and at the level of the one who chartered it. How was it possible to set off an airplane that had neither insurance nor authorization, with a colorblind pilot who was unable to navigate with the tools in the event of a storm? These characterized breaches could, from our point of view, justify an indictment for manslaughter. What we are asking for are very concrete acts of investigation to be able to substantiate these elements. "

As a reminder, on January 21, 2019, the Argentinian striker Emiliano Sala, transferred two days earlier from Nantes to Cardiff for 17 million euros, died in the accident of the small passenger plane that drove him to his new club. The flight was organized by the British pilot David Henderson, at the request of the intermediary Willie McKay and his son Mark, the agent mandated by Nantes to carry out the transfer of Sala, who declare to have paid the entire trip . Cardiff has always assured for its part to have offered a commercial flight to the player, who declined it, even if he worried before takeoff the state of the small plane.

Our Sala file

In the entourage of the FCN, we are "amazed by the umpteenth maneuver by Cardiff which continues to manipulate this drama and to instrumentalize the press and public opinion" and we are "very serene in the face of the provocations of the club Welsh that have been going on for a year. " "No one is fooled," continues this very close to the Nantes club. As if by chance, this complaint fell two days after the tributes to Sala's disappearance a year ago and a few days before Cardiff's memorial was lodged with the Sports Arbitral Tribunal ”.

Another legal component has been open for several months. Nantes is demanding payment for the transfer to Cardiff, who refuses to do so, citing irregularities in the transfer and in the organization of the flight that cost the life of the 28-year-old player and his pilot, David Ibbotson, 59. At the end of September, Fifa agreed with Nantes and ordered the payment of a first tranche of 6 million euros, but Cardiff seized the Sports Arbitral Tribunal, whose decision is not expected before June. However, the publication of the report of the British investigators on the accident is expected at the end of March.


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Missing body, phantom pilot and showdown between Cardiff and Nantes ... Where is the investigation into the death of Emiliano Sala?

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