- When Niko left now we feel that we have got the perfect replacement. We acted very quickly when the opportunity to get him here arose. We have wanted him to Hammarby in the past, but that was not the case. Now the timing was perfect, says sports manager Jesper Jansson on his own website.

The all-Swedish shooter king of 2018, was divided six last year by eleven goals, left Häcken for Israeli Hapoel Beer Sheva after the season, but there was never a match with the club. A knee injury, according to Aftonbladet, should have kept 33-year-old Paulinho away from games for over a month, which made the club want to break the contract.

After two seasons in Hammarby, Djurdjic leaves the club. New club address becomes Chengdu in China. There were a total of 54 all Swedish matches in Hammarby for Djurdjic.

ARCHIVE: Hammarbys SM gold 2001 at 60 sec

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Hammarby's SM gold 2001 at 60 sek Photo: Bildbyrån