Kiki Bertens was too strong for the Australian Arina Rodionova in the second round of the Australian Open in two sets on Thursday. Read the reactions here.

  • Second round Australian Open
  • Bertens-Rodionova
  • Bertens wins 6-3 and 7-5

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We are waiting for a reaction from Bertens, who in the third round will meet Zarina Diyas from Kazakhstan. The 29-year-old Diyas is the number 73 in the world, so Bertens will be the absolute favorite for a place in the fourth round. The third-round game will probably be played next Saturday.

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Bertens' second match point is a hit! She beats Rodionova 6-3 and 7-5 and reaches the third round of the Australian Open for the second time in her career.

Australian Open · 8 minutes ago

Unfortunately. Bertens does not cash in her first match point. It is 6-5 and deuce. Rodionova serves.

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Australian Open · 12 minutes ago

GAME Bertens!

Rodionova throws out some ugly words after Bertens convincingly grabs the game and leads 6-5 in the second set. The Australian clearly did not agree with the line judge's decision, but that does not bother the Dutch.

Australian Open · 14 minutes ago

GAME Rodionova.

The Australian retains its service and makes it 5-5. Bertens is not there yet.

Australian Open · 17 minutes ago

GAME Bertens!

It goes fast. After Rodionova returns to 4-4, Bertens retains its service and takes a 5-4 lead. The Dutch are now close to winning.

Australian Open · 20 minutes ago

It is not yet top what Bertens shows, but it is still enough against Rodionova, who is 93rd on the world ranking. Bertens is the global number ten and that class difference is visible in the score.

Australian Open · 24 minutes ago

GAME Bertens!

Rodionava makes only one point on Bertens' service, which again takes the lead in the second set. The score is 4-3 in favor of the 28-year-old Wateringse.

Australian Open · 26 minutes ago

Meanwhile, Bertens' possible opponent in the third round has been announced. When winning, she will come across Zarina Diyas, number 73 of the world ranking list in Kazakhstan.

Australian Open · 27 minutes ago

Game Rodionova.

Bertens lets the Australian slip. She does not cash in on her breakpoint, after which Rodionova takes the game: 3-3.

Australian Open · 29 minutes ago

If Bertens, who debuted at the Australian Open in 2013, beats Rodionova, she will match her best performance ever in Melbourne.
2013: first round
2014: first round
2015: second round
2016: first round
2017: first round
2018: third round
2019: second round

Australian Open · 34 minutes ago

GAME Bertens!

Thanks to four points in a row, the fifth game of the second set will go to Bertens. She leads 6-3 and 3-2.

Australian Open · 35 minutes ago

There are also problems for Bertens in the fifth game of the second set. She eliminates two breakpoints at 15-40 and it is now deuce.

Australian Open · 36 minutes ago

GAME Rodionova!
The Australian retains its service and brings the score to 2-2 in the second set.

Australian Open · 37 minutes ago

Just a round-up: who is Arina Rodionova? The thirty-year-old Australian is the number 93 in the world and is working on her fourth Australian Open. The last three times she didn't make it through the first round, so the tournament was more or less successful for her.

Australian Open · 42 minutes ago

GAME Rodionova.

Oops! A sloppy game from Bertens, bringing Rodionova back to 2-1. There is nothing wrong with the Dutch, but the win is still far from.

Australian Open · one hour ago

GAME Bertens!
The Dutchman breaks Rodionova on love and leads 2-0 in the second set. So she seems fast on her way to the third round.

Australian Open · one hour ago

Good news from the Australian Open! Kiki Bertens has now won the first set of her second round match against the Australian Arina Rodionova 6-3 and in the second set she is 1-0 ahead.

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