After his convincing victory over Donald Cerrone, lucrative duels are ahead of MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Rematches with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Floyd Mayweather seem imminent.

Shortly after McGregor had dealt with Cerrone in his first fight in fifteen months within forty seconds, Mayweather posted an image of a poster on Instagram. It shows the images of himself and McGregor with the text "Mayweather-McGregor 2, 2020".

The 42-year-old boxer hopes strongly for a return that almost everyone in the martial arts world has always expected. The American has not been in action since August 2017 when he defeated McGregor in "the fight of the century."

That one fight brought Mayweather some 250 million euros in prize money. It was the fiftieth duel in the American career and he won them all.

The image Floyd Mayweather posted on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)

McGregor: "I'm sure I'll beat Mayweather in a rematch"

McGregor himself said after his victory over Cerrone that he wants to fight three more UFC duels this year and that there is a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao in the pipeline. Moreover, he made no secret earlier this week that a possible new duel with Mayweather is very interesting for him.

"It is very likely that there will be a rematch with Floyd," the Irishman told ESPN . "He keeps flirting with a return. He can fight whoever he wants. But a fight with everyone else will be different than when he takes on me again."

"I'm sure I'll beat him in a rematch," said the 31-year-old McGregor. "It will not be an MMA fight, as Mayweather said. I will box first and then do a few rounds of MMA."


McGregor responds to amazing UFC return

UFC boss White wants McGregor again against Nurmagomedov

UFC boss Dana White was very impressed by McGregor's return on Saturday. "He was incredibly good. Conor looked fast, hit hard and had a good fight plan. He knocked out a very strong fighter in no time."

White therefore hopes that McGregor will remain active in his organization. The American already hinted at a new fight with Nurmagomedov on Saturday in Las Vegas.

In October 2018 the Russian defeated McGregor, after which it went completely out of control inside and outside the ring. Nurmagomedov and McGregor received high fines and were suspended for nine and six months respectively.

"Khabib against Conor is the fight we want to settle," White said at the press conference after McGregor's fight. "Of course I would like McGregor to fight in the UFC three times this year."

Another possible opponent for McGregor is Jorge Masvidal. The American made a big impression last year, including a knockout within five seconds. "Conor against Jorge would be a great fight," said White. "But we have to do what is best for the sport. Khabib against Conor will be much bigger."

Nurmagomedov made his comeback in September last year after his suspension and won his 29th fight, leaving him unbeaten. The Russian has already planned a title fight with Tony Ferguson in April.

UFC boss Dana White. (Photo: Pro Shots)