First place of sumo wrestling 7th day Takashi Ozeki loses 1 against Koizumi Aflame January 18 4:02

The first place of the sumo wrestling is on the seventh day.

In the first place of the sumo wrestling, in the absence of Yokozuna, after the sixth day, Masahiro Ozeki was the only one with a single-handed victory, and Takashi Ozeki with one loss, and Endo, who has three roles, are following.

On the 7th day, 18th, Takakatsu Ozeki, who is the only one in the three roles and defending one loss, will play against Ayumi Koizumi at the top of the knot.

It is expected that wrestlers who are good at pushing have won one and one defeats in the past, and will start to attack each other violently from each other.

Takakage Katsu wants to step in sharply and stop his opponent with a strong push that he is good at, and decide on a game without taking a break.

On the other hand, Ame seems to have a chance to win if he can keep his distance with his opponent with a fast-paced strut utilizing his long hand and keep on attacking.

Masayo, who has won the game, will play against Goseki Ozeki, the corner player. Masayo has lost 5 wins and 12 losses in the past match, but now the place is powerful and it is likely that the point of the game will be whether he can take the offensive attitude.

In addition, Endo will play against Hakumaku Tamashiwa, with one loss, and Shinsekiwaki Asanoyama, two losses, with Hokukatsu Fuji.