Badminton Momoda returning home Nearly two months will be away from actual battle January 16 5:21

Kento Momota of badminton who had a traffic accident in Malaysia has returned home on the 15th. With at least two months ahead of the Tokyo Olympics six months before, it is expected that he will be out of combat for at least two months.

Momota was injured on the morning of the 13th of this month while traveling to the airport in Malaysia, where his car crashed into a truck, struck her whole body and cut her face.

Momota returned to Narita Airport on the afternoon of the 15th, and walked slightly like a left foot, but walked himself to the pick-up car while being accompanied by a person involved.

The Japan Badminton Association has indicated that it wants to undergo a detailed inspection and support its return to the British Open in about two months.

Momota is in a certain position to reach the top of the Japan Olympics, taking the lead in the second place in the ranking where the Tokyo Olympics take place.

However, at this time, which is half a year before the Tokyo Games, it is expected that he will be away from the actual battle for at least two months, how to recover the delicate play of Momota's character, and the mental damage caused by the accident. How to overcome them will have challenges both physically and mentally.

Former Japan National Team Kimiko Jinnai said, "I don't want to be impatient anymore. He's far better than any other player, so he can win if he comes back. Was emphasized.

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, where gold medals are expected, the badminton association will need to recover the injured body and provide careful mental support.