JOC Chairman Yamashita appointed IOC member Two Japanese members Jan. 9 at 9:05

JOC = Yoshihiro Yamashita, Chairman of the Japan Olympic Committee, has been newly appointed as a member of the IOC = International Olympic Committee. The IOC members in Japan are now two, including the International Gymnastics Federation Chairman Morinari Watanabe.

The IOC held a general meeting on the outskirts of Lausanne, Switzerland, on October 10, and appointed three members of the IOC, including the Olympic Games Host City, including JOC Chairman Yamashita and International Football Federation President Infantino.

Chairman Yamashita is a gold medalist at the Los Angeles Olympics Judo Indiscriminate Judo who was appointed JOC President in June last year to replace JOC former Chairman Tsunekazu Takeda.

Mr. Takeda has also resigned from the IOC, and the only IOC in Japan is the chairman of the International Gymnastics Federation, and the addition of Chairman Yamashita is expected to strengthen relations with the IOC for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

“I would like to consider what I can do as a committee member for the Tokyo Games. I want to make use of my experience as an Olympian to sustain without discrimination not only for the Japanese people but also for the world. I want to focus on the future of the Olympics, which has high potential. "

IOC Chairman "Must be a great success"

JOC Chairman Yasuhiro Yamashita was selected as an IOC Member, and IOC Chairman Bach said, “Mr. Yamashita is a person supported by the Japanese sports community and others. Should do it for me. "