Shogo Akiyama Reds contracted for 2.27 billion yen for 3 years January 7 10:05

Professional baseball Shogo Akiyama, who was aiming to enter the major league from Seibu, signed a three-year contract with Reds for about 2.27 billion yen in Japanese yen.

This was announced by Reds on the 6th.

Akiyama, a 31-year-old who continued to be the mainstay of Seibu, has won the most hits four times, including hitting 216 hits five years ago and setting the record for the most hits in the season.

Akiyama agreed to a three-year contract with Reds as a result of exercising the rights of an FA = free agent who could transfer overseas last year and negotiating with multiple teams in the major leagues.

Akiyama signed a three-year contract with Reds for a total of $ 21 million after being examined by the team.

Akiyama is scheduled to meet for a joining party on the 8th.

Reds is the only member of the 30 Major League baseball teams that Japanese players have never played, and Akiyama is the first Japanese player to sign a major league contract with Reds.

The Reds camp will begin in Arizona mid-Midnight, and it will be interesting to see if Akiyama can win the regulars through open matches.