Sharjah coach, Abdulaziz Al-Anbari confirmed that he hopes his team will pass the current stage in the Arab Gulf League, noting that, despite the difficulty of the match against Al-Wahda tomorrow within the 12th round of the league, he seeks to appear differently from the one that appeared during his previous match against Al Dhafra , During which he suffered the first loss in the league, describing the unit as a good and respected team.

Al-Anbari said in the press conference yesterday, "Despite his recent results in the league, Al-Wahda is a big team and includes good players."

He added, "Sharjah did not provide the required level, even before the Brazilian player Igor was injured, and this is a natural thing in football, and the presence in the competition is a positive thing, and I am confident that the players have the experience that enables them to pass this stage, due to the absence of a large number of players influencing The team because of the injuries ».