A referee had Badou Jack as the winner in tonight's lightweight title match in Atlanta, USA. The other two felt that master Jean Pascal had done enough to keep his belt.

A split judgment that stirs up emotions in the boxing world.

And not least in Badou Jack's team.

- What can you say? This feels totally inconceivable. It's a dirty business. Maybe it's because Badou comes from Sweden, which is a small country, maybe it's because of the connection to Floyd Mayweather (Jack's promoter, ed. Note). There is a lot in the boxing world happening behind closed doors, says manager Arash Naderi to SVT Sport on the phone from the USA.

"Floyd shook his head"

Naderi refers to Jack's promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr, one of the sport's biggest superstars of all time. But also a controversial figure in the boxing world who also served punishment for women's abuse.

During his career, Badou Jack has gone three title matches that ended the draw. He has previously wondered if he might suffer for being promoted by Mayweather.

- This is the fourth time it has hit Badou. That's enough now. I personally may be biased, but all I've been able to read in the media and on social media is that Badou won. And you heard how the audience buzzed, says Naderi.

- I looked at Floyd after the match and shouted at him, but he just shook his head. He couldn't understand what had happened. It was absolutely sick.

"Is it worth it?"

Afterwards, Badou Jack visited his opponent's dressing room to thank for the match.

- Then Pascal sat with his feet on a chair, completely bruised to his face. Imagine what he will look like tomorrow, then you will not be able to recognize him.

The loss was Jack's second straight. What is happening now for the 36-year-old Swede is unclear.

- Badou has never had such a good pulse as this training camp. His body is still young and he is in damn good physical shape. And his psyche is incredible.

But the motivation after another controversial verdict?

- Badou is the one with the best psyche of us all. He is always restrained. But I mean, is it worth it? If you are constantly condemned? Now he just wants to take it easy with the family and we'll see what happens, says Arash Naderi.