Next year's budget plan for the Sports Agency, a record high of ¥ 35.1 billion, strengthening the Tokyo Olympics and Para, December 20, 16:29

The Sports Agency's budget plan for the next fiscal year was a record high of ¥ 35.1 billion, including expenses to improve the competitiveness of athletes until just before in order to win medals at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The Sports Agency's budget plan for the next fiscal year increased by 1.1 billion yen from 34.0 billion yen this year to 35.1 billion yen.

Among these, in order to win medals at next year's Tokyo Games, we included 10.1 billion yen, which is 100 million yen higher than the current fiscal year, as a competitiveness improvement project that will enhance the competitiveness until just before, and the best performance for the players As a result, we recorded ¥ 2.2 billion, an increase of ¥ 400 million from the estimated request, such as enhancing the number of support bases that recover from fatigue during the tournament.

In addition, approximately 240 million yen was recorded as expenses to support the acquisition of external human resources, etc., in order to strengthen management capabilities so that competition organizations can generate their own financial resources such as reinforcement expenses.

The tax reform guidelines for next year included expanding tax exemptions for bounties from athletes who won medals at the Olympics and Paralympics for the Tokyo Games.

In addition, with regard to the “Golf Course Usage Tax” on golf course users, the competition and official practice of athletes participating in international competitions such as the Olympics will be exempted.