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Tutberidze’s defense, Plushenko’s harshness, attacks on Tarasova: Zagitova’s decision continues to excite the world of figure skating


Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and group choreographer Eteri Tutberidze Alexei Zheleznyakov exchanged harsh comments on social networks. Some fans demanded that Tatyana Tarasova be removed from commenting on the competition, while Alexei Yagudin and Dmitry Guberniev stood up for the legendary mentor. Alexey Mishin revealed the meaning of his statement about Alina Zagitova, and Ilya Averbukh urged everyone to re-read the interview with the specialist. How the loudest scandal of the year in figure skating develops - in the material RT.

Group choreographer Tutberidze and Plushenko swear on the Internet

The grand scandal in Russian figure skating, which began with an unremarkable statement by the honored coach Tatyana Tarasova, continues to gain momentum. A few days after the announcement of a temporary suspension of her career, Alina Zagitova, not only the coach of the Olympic champion Eteri Tutberidze and Evgeni Plushenko, but also other eminent representatives of the sport were involved in him.

Moreover, after each round of conflict, the following invariably followed. And if Tarasova and Tutberidze stopped and chose not to continue exchanging barbs, others refused to follow their example. So, on Monday, December 16, choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov, in a rather rude form, urged everyone to calm down, and not discuss what happened.

“All that the Tutberidze team, led by Eteri Georgievna, does is plow, plow and plow. These people have no time for rotten affair, hype, public relations and dancing on the bones, this is the lot of envious people! .. Briefly and clearly, close your mouths and go about your business! ”Wrote the choreographer on the page on VKontakte.

Plushenko immediately reacted to the post of one of his colleagues Tutberidze, who showed himself most vividly in the last two days during a discussion of the future of Zagitova.

“Did you yourself understand that you blurted out?” Who opened this mouth? Who are you? Give a magnifying glass. And Tsvetaeva weakly answer? Learn from the chef how to respond to serious people so that you don’t look like an idiot! ”Retorted the ex-skater on Instagram.

They want to remove Tarasova from work on television

Initially, Russian figure skating fans responded to Tutberidze’s sharp attack on Tarasova.

“Already got this bias towards one and love for others. She needs to rest, ”the fans said on the Internet. The next step was the appearance on the website of a petition demanding that Tarasova be excluded from commenting on figure skating competitions due to lack of professionalism, excessive subjectivity towards individual skaters and athletes, and bias.

“We, taxpayers, want for our money to get a quality product with professionals who know their job and root for all our skaters, and not selected on the list, voicing this live and in regular interviews in the media,” the authors of the petition summarized, which later signed by more than two thousand people.

In defense of Tarasova, her famous student and Olympic champion in Salt Lake City, Alexei Yagudin, spoke almost immediately.

“A certain group (not very large, complete morons, but still) of activists is engaged in the persecution of a great man. Tatyana Anatolyevna is not only a legendary coach, but also a brilliant commentator. You need to appreciate the legends, and not do stupid things. Be smarter, comrades, ”said Yagudin.

Dmitry Guberniev and Alexander Tikhonov spoke in the same spirit. The TV journalist specializing in biathlon recalled that Tarasova evokes different emotions in people during broadcasts of competitions, but at the same time does not leave them indifferent. And the four-time Olympic champion advised those who dared to make claims to the legendary coach to formally introduce themselves.

People who were not related to figure skating did not stay away from the scandal. The editor-in-chief of the Echo of Moscow radio station, Alexei Venediktov, wrote in his Telegram about the need to support Tarasova. The journalist is convinced that the trainer got "unfair." And the honorary president of the RFU, Vyacheslav Koloskov, noted that he was pleased to watch the broadcasts under the comments of Tarasova.

“This is an outstanding coach who has trained a galaxy of Olympic and world champions,” he recalled.

Mishin complains of trouble after speaking about Zagitova

Affected the scandal, including Alexei Mishin. The Honored Trainer of the USSR wished Zagitova to achieve in the future the same successes that she had in her teens.

“Then she became a girl, then she will be a wife and grandmother. And in all these moments I want to wish her great happiness, ”Mishin said.

The master clearly tried to be as correct as possible. But many did not like his words. About the further development of the situation, Mishin told the publication "Sports day after day."

“I recently gave a comment. I wished Zagitova happiness and good luck, said that she would have different stages in her life. Once she was a child, then - a teenager, she became a girl, she still has to become a wife, mother, grandmother. So all this was translated “into the rough language of a poster”, perverted. They said that Mishin was crazy: the old man himself, and wrote down Alina as an old woman, ”the mentor complained.

The silver medalist of the 2002 Olympics, Ilya Averbukh, noted that Mishina signed every word and advised everyone to re-read the specialist’s interview.

Coach Medvedeva did not comment on the decision Zagitova

Temporary departure of Zagitova from sports is actively discussed by her rivals abroad. Particularly active in this regard are skaters from Japan, where a Russian woman is traditionally very popular. Satoko Miyahara admitted that she would miss Alina. And Rika Kihira did not hide her strong surprise at this decision of the current world champion.

“We competed with each other, so in part I really will miss her,” the Championship last year’s winner of the Grand Prix finals quotes referring to The Mainichi.

The most far-sighted of all in this situation, it seems, was the personal trainer of Evgenia Medvedeva - Brian Orser. At the request of reporters to share their views on the decision, Zagitova, a Canadian specialist, reacted drily: “I think the best thing for me is to remain neutral in this situation.”

Source: russiart

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