When choosing a SUV there are classes. But also when a limousine is chosen. It is a typology associated with luxury but even in this high category there are subdivisions. Just by looking at the brand or style, you can know that teenagers are celebrating the sweet 16 (for example, if it is a pink Hummer), a future bride, a businessman or Naruhito, who recently enthroned Emperor of Japan paraded with Your Toyota Century

But when the eyes are on the Rolls-Royce Phantom prepared by Klassen, the human brain has a hard time knowing what kind of megamagnate or politician of the highest rank can go inside. You can say the price of the vehicle but it is unattainable for most: 3 million euros with taxes included .

The client will have to wait six months to receive it in his mansion, because adapting it will take his own . Klassen has extended the wheelbase by one meter to 4.83 meters . Its length is 7 meters. But the important thing is outside. It is a real battleship mastodon. It has a B7 ballistic protection. The occupant will not have to worry. It will resist an armed attack. It is reinforced with special steels, kevlar or polycarbonate.

This shell has forced to reinforce the suspensions, the tires or the chassis. It affects the weight of a Phantom that in its long battle version already exceeds 2,610 kilos. The interior, wide without limits, does not neglect luxury. An iMac acts as a multimedia center. The vehicle can be monitored from the iPhone .

The sound equipment is Bang & Olufsen. The melodic band will be combined with ambient lighting. As an option you can choose the starry roof equipped with other vehicles of the luxurious British brand. A set moved by a 6.75 liter V12 biturbo with 571 horses and 900 Nm of torque .

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