Toyota International Gymnastics 18-year-old wins Hashimoto “Anma” 15 points high score December 14 19:34

An international gymnastics tournament started in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and 18-year-old high school student Daiki Hashimoto, who participated in “Anma” by category, won the championship with the only high score of 15 points.

“Toyota International Gymnastics”, which opened in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, is an international tournament that competes by gender, with 33 players from 10 countries and regions including the top players in Japan.

On the 14th day of the tournament, there will be 5 events including “Yuka” for boys and “Jumping” for women. From Japan, Hashimoto, Rio de Janeiro Olympics, representatives of the October World Championships, and group gold medals Kenzo Shirai participated.

Hashimoto who participated in “Anma”, which is his specialty, won the championship by marking a high score of 15 points, the only one in this event with 15.033.

“Anma” also participated by Kazuma Tsuji, the representative of the world championship, as well as Hashimoto.

On the other hand, Shirai who became the first match in about half a year since the All-Japan Championship in June, decided for the first time this season the big difficulty "Shirai 3" with his name at the beginning of "Yuka" The appeal from the left ankle injury with a score of 14.500.

In addition, “Yuka” won Sho Tanigawa and “Tsurinawa” won Yuya Kanmoto.