In the Eredivisie, four duels are scheduled for Saturday: ADO The Hague-FC Groningen (1-1), Fortuna Sittard-RKC (19.45 hours), VVV-PEC (19.45 hours) and FC Twente-Vitesse (20.45 hours). Don't miss out on the matches via this live blog.

Good evening and welcome to the Eredivisie live blog. My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed of the Saturday matches in the Dutch competition.

  • LIVE:
  • Fortuna Sittard-RKC 3-2
  • VVV Venlo-PEC Zwolle 0-2
  • FC Twente-Vitesse 0-0
  • Rash:
  • ADO The Hague FC Groningen 1-1

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

67 ' Lat! It doesn't bother Lennart Thy. The striker is aiming at the bar from close range. It is the second time this evening that PEC hits the aluminum.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · 3 minutes ago

62 'Opportunities back and forth in Venlo, but VVV and PEC Zwolle are not yet able to change the 0-2 score at De Koel.

Eredivisie · 4 minutes ago

'De Koning and VVV contradict each other about appointment'
Hans de Koning and VVV-Venlo contradict each other in the media about an employment contract in Venlo. The 57-year-old trainer tells FOX Sports that he will be the new trainer at VVV, but through technical manager Stan Valckx, the club has announced that no agreement has yet been reached. In the recent past, De Koning was coach of FC Volendam and Go Ahead Eagles, among others.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · 10 minutes ago

58 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 3-2

What a nice goal by Fortuna Sittard against RKC Waalwijk. Vitalie Damascan scores with a great diving header on a pass from Amadou Ciss.

FC Twente-Vitesse · 11 minutes ago

FC Twente dominates in its own Grolsch Veste and pushes Vitesse back into its own half. Do the Tukkers finally reward themselves?

FC Twente-Vitesse · 20 minutes ago

5 'FC Twente almost takes the lead in Enschde. Aitor shoots hard in the right corner, where Vitesse goalkeeper Remko Pasveer stands his ground.

FC Twente-Vitesse · 26 minutes ago

Kickoff! The first whistle sounds in Enschede. The ball rolls at FC Twente-Vitesse.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · 36 minutes ago

Peace! PEC Zwolle has a simple evening in Venlo. At the VVV the people from Zwolle lead into a real cellar squatter thanks to goals from Kenneth Paal and Pelle Clement.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · 38 minutes ago

Peace! RKC Waalwijk loses a lead twice in Sittard. RKC members Hans Mulder and Clint Leemans see Mark Diemers and Vitalie Damascan putting things in order for Fortuna Sittard. A fascinating cellar cracker in Limburg.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · 42 minutes ago

45 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 2-2

What a blunder from Etienne Vaessen. The goalkeeper of RKC Waalwijk turns out to be a drunken catcher with half saves on shots by players of Fortuna Sittard. In the end Vitalie Damascan gets the ball against the ropes.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 43 minutes ago

ADO also cannot beat ten FC Groningen
ADO Den Haag fails for the seventh time in a row to win in the Eredivisie. The residents of The Hague play a half against ten players from FC Groningen after a red card from Deyovaisio Zeefuik for an alleged elbow punch, but are unable to score. FC Groningen took the lead through Gabriel Gudmundsson, after which Tomas Necied tied the score. In the final phase, Groningen coach Danny Buijs and ADO defender Tom Beugelsdijk receive a red card.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · one hour ago

90 + 3 ' Red! Tom Beugelsdijk can push in. The defender receives his second yellow card from referee Joey Kooij.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · one hour ago

90 + 2 'What a chance for FC Groningen on the 1-2. Joel Asoro only goes for the keeper of ADO Den Haag, but he shoots against the keeper of the Hagenaars.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

A broad grin on the face of Pelle Clement. The captain has just shot PEC Zwolle at 0-2 at VVV-Venlo and receives compliments from benjamin Dean Huiberts.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · one hour ago

85 'What an opportunity for ADO The Hague for the winning goal. Malone shoots up from close by.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · one hour ago

31 'GOAL RKC Waalwijk! 1-2

Clint Leemans gives RKC the lead again. Fortuna Sittard loses the ball in a child's way and the delicate technician takes full advantage of this with a wonderful curl shot in the left leg.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · one hour ago

81 ' Red! Trainer Danny Buijs is allowed to sit in the stands. The coach of FC Groningen sprinted out of his coaching profession after he claimed that the ball had rolled over the sidelines.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

25 'GOAL PEC Zwolle! 0-2

And now it's a hit for PEC! Pelle Clement is tailor-made by Thomas Lam for the air and has a controlled finish. VVV stands for a hopeless mission in-house.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

23 'PEC Zwolle almost doubles the score in Zwolle there. Daryl Lachman sees his shot taken off the line after a deflected corner kick.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

A recognizable image in Venlo: balancing players. VVV is 0-1 behind PEC Zwolle and is on its way to the third defeat in the last five games.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · one hour ago

The moment yet of ADO The Hague-FC Groningen. Referee Joey Kooij is called to the side by VAR Richard Martens for an alleged elbow punch from Deyovaisio Zeefuik. After seeing the images, Kooij draws red for the defender.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · one hour ago

13 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 1-1

Mark Diemers takes the spotlight again in Sittard. Is it a cross or a shot from the midfielder? In any case, the ball sails in the far corner of the Waalwijkers.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

11 'GOAL PEC Zwolle! 0-1

What a global goal of PEC Zwolle. Kenneth Paal shoots the ball gravely in the cross.

FC Twente-Vitesse · one hour ago

After five games in a row without a win, Vitesse craves for three points in the Eredivisie. The team of interim trainer Joseph Oosting is visiting FC Twente, which is also working on a moderate series with four points from five matches. Does Vitesse maintain a connection with the subtop, or does FC Twente get away from the lower regions?

FC Twente set-up: Drommel; Pleguezuelo, Busquets, Schenk, Verdonk; Selahi, Brama, Espinosa; Aitor, Vuckic, Espinosa.

Setup Vitesse: Pasveer; Lily field, Obispo, Doekhi, Clark; Honda, Vroegh, Foor; Dicko, Matavz, Linssen.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · one hour ago

8 'GOAL RKC Waalwijk! 0-1

RKC Waalwijk is closing the gap at Fortuna Sittard. Hans Mulder heads in after a knocked corner kick.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · one hour ago

59 ' Lat! With ten men FC Groningen gets a dot of a chance. Sierhuis heads an Asoro cross on the aluminum.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

Kickoff! The whistle also sounds in Venlo. VVV-PEC Zwolle has started.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · one hour ago

Kickoff! The ball rolls in Sittard. Fortuna-RKC Waalwijk is on its way.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

Prior to VVV Venlo-PEC Zwolle, trainer Maurice Steijn and captain Danny Post are put in the limelight by the Venlo club management. Post played his 250th game in professional football.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

46 ' Kickoff! We play football again in The Hague. The eleven of ADO go full for the three points against the ten of FC Groningen (1-1).

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

The standard situation is a lifeline of the current ADO The Hague.

56% - ADO The Hague have scored a league-high 56% of their goals from set pieces this Eredivisie season (10 out of 18). Practice.

Avatar Author OptaJohanMoment of places19: 23 - 14 December 2019

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

Peace! After a hectic final phase it is quiet at ADO Den Haag-FC Groningen. The attention goes especially to Deyovaisio Zeefuik, who gets a red card from referee Joey Kooij for an alleged elbows at Aaron Meijers. ADO Den Haag had just equalized through Tomas Necid, after Gabriel Gudmundsson opened the score in The Hague.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

45 ' Red! Deyovaisio Zeefuik can enter directly at FC Groningen. After viewing the images, referee Joey Kooij draws the direct red card for the defender after an air duel with Aaron Meijers. FC Groningen with ten men against ADO.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

45 'Referee Joey Kooij is called to the side by the VAR for an action by Zeefuik of FC Groningen. The right back already has yellow in its pocket and makes itself wide in an air duel.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

43 'GOAL ADO The Hague! 1-1

Out of the blue ADO The Hague is on the same level as FC Groningen. Tom Beugelsdijk extends a free kick in a Messianic way towards Tomas Necid, who heads the ball against the ropes.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

39 'Joel Asoro dances like a ballerina through ADO Den Haag's defensive defense, but comes close to ADO goalkeeper Koopmans.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

38 'It hurts the eyes to see the defenders of ADO The Hague operate. Ajdin at least half of ADO can bridge at least ten meters and free up 25 meters. Goalkeeper Koopmans taps the ball wide. We are waiting for the 0-2 of FC Groningen.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

The protest of the fanatic supporters of ADO Den Haag against technical director Jeffrey van As. The hard core calls on the director to leave. ADO is penultimate in the Eredivisie, thanks in part to a poor turn on the transfer market.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

Gabriel Gudmundsson gives a primordial cry, spreads his arms and carries the euphoric Kaj Sierhuis on his back. The relief is visible at FC Groningen after the opening goal of the Swede.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

20 'GOAL FC Groningen! 0-1

FC Groningen breaks the spell in The Hague. Gabriel Gudmundsson gets the ball in his own half, undertakes a powerful solo over at least fifty meters and skillfully finishes with his left leg. ADO The Hague in trouble.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

15 'The fans of Midden-Noord throw the spotlight on themselves with a protest against technical director Jeffrey van As. The supporters do not agree with the technical policy of the government song.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

It is a run-your-rot show at the Cars Jeans Stadium. ADO and FC Groningen have hardly any good attacks and are not doing anything at all.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

10 'FC Groningen screams for a penalty after a tackle by Milan van Ewijk on Gabriel Gudmundsson. Referee Joey Kooij rightly sees nothing in it.

Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk · 3 hours ago

Fortuna and RKC really need points
There is another relegation cracker in the Eredivisie tonight: Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk. This season, RKC will receive compliments for the game shown, but that does not result in many points. In short: a victory over Fortuna Sittard is more than welcome.

Setup Fortuna Sittard: Koselev; Essers, Ninaj, Angha, Cox; Passlack, Tekie, Smeets; Diemers; Damashkan, Ciss.

Set up RKC Waalwijk: Vaessen; Spork slide, Mulder, Delcroix, Bakari; Leemans, Spierings, Rienstra; Maatsen, Bilate, Sow.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 3 hours ago

Kickoff! The ball rolls in The Hague. ADO-FC Groningen is on the way.

VVV-Venlo-PEC Zwolle · 3 hours ago

VVV and PEC want to win in cellar cracker
VVV-Venlo and PEC Zwolle are close to the water. Both teams camp in the lower regions of the Eredivisie and need a boost in the sweltering relegation battle. VVV is fifteenth, PEC occupies sixteenth place, a place that at the end of the season leads to play-offs for enforcement. Who will win this 'six point competition'?

Setup VVV-Venlo: Kirschbaum; Pachonik, Röseler, Kum, Janssen; Opoku, Linthorst, Van Ooijen; Wright, Soriano, Sinclair.

PEC Zwolle setup: Zetterer; Hammer, Lachman, Lam, Paal; Dekker, Clement, Huiberts; Van Crooij, Thy, Van Duinen.

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 3 hours ago

Heesen does not want to elaborate on De Graaf
Trainer Dirk Heesen does not want to say anything at FOX Sports about putting Edwin de Graaf off. The assistant was put on hold after a fight in the 'relational atmosphere' with player Donny Gorter. "That is energy that I do not want to waste. I want to focus primarily on FC Groningen. I cannot do anything with it, I have to go further," said Heesen, who does not shy away from the crisis in The Hague. "Otherwise I should have been at home."

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 3 hours ago

The spotlight of the Eredivisie is focused on ADO The Hague and FC Groningen. Can the players show their best tricks on the lighted stage?

ADO The Hague-FC Groningen · 4 hours ago

ADO The Hague yearns for a win at home against FC Groningen. The club from The Hague has been negative in the publicity for weeks due to a stepping up trainer, undisciplined players and dramatic performances. Last week ADO added a new chapter to the dramatic book called the 2019/2020 season. Assistant trainer Edwin de Graaf was put on non-active after a fight in the 'relational atmosphere' with player Donny Gorter. In the Cars Jeans Stadium the ball rolls at 6:30 pm.

Setup ADO The Hague: Koopmans; Van Ewijk, Pinas, Beugelsdijk, Meijers; After all, Malone, Bakker; Falkenburg, Necid, Goossens.

FC Groningen set-up: Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Memisevic, Warmerdam; Matusiwa, Lundqvist, Hrustic, Gudmundsson; Ornamental house, Asoro.

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