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The "proven facts" of the Arandina Case judgment: "He crossed his arms and didn't know how to react"


The Arandina Case seems to have entered its final stretch. The three former players of Aranda de Duero's club, Raúl Calvo, Víctor Rodríguez & apos; Viti & apos; and Carlos Cuadrado & apos; Lucho & apos ;, have been

  • Judgment: Case of Arandina: the three former players, sentenced to 38 years in prison for sexual assault of a minor
  • Timeline: The times of the Arandina Case
  • Reactions. Those condemned in the Arandina case: "We are some pardillos to those who are trying to fuck life"

The Arandina Case seems to have entered its final stretch. The three former players of the Aranda de Duero club , Raúl Calvo, Víctor Rodríguez 'Viti' and Carlos Cuadrado 'Lucho' , have been sentenced to 38 years in prison each for the events that occurred on November 24, 2017 at their home and that they have been qualified by the Fiscal Ministry as constituting "a crime against sexual freedom, a continuing crime of sexual assault on a child under 16 years of age and two crimes of sexual assault on a child under 16 ".

According to the proven facts cited in the sentence , to which EL MUNDO has had access, and pending the appeal by the defense, it all started in football . The youngest, who was 15 years old at the time, " went to the team's games or training and liked Lucho," and sent him a follow-up request on Instagram, "which he accepted." It is added that "they had numerous conversations and publications, having sent each other photographs in underwear."

We arrive then to the week of the facts. Explains the court that the minor made on November 21, three days before the mentioned date, a call to Lucho , which at that time was in the company of the other defendants, in which there was a very uplifting conversation. "So Friday we do a threesome or orgy?" Asks Lucho. To which the minor replies: "The three." "The three?" Lucho responds. "Stress," adds the minor. The sentence says that " it has not been proven that such a conversation was conducted seriously by either party, nor that the defendants proposed seriously to keep sexual intercourse. "

The document then travels to November 24 , the key date of the case, the day on which the child makes 18 calls to Lucho without her answering. She then goes to the bar located next to the home of the players, where the player was, and they go up to the house together under the pretext of making a music video in an application called

Once inside the two companions arrived, Viti and Raúl . And then another Arandina player, the famous witness , who was in the lounge while recording the music video. That witness "went to change into the room, not proving whether he remained in it or left the floor, " according to the story.

The sentence then goes into sexual assault, ensuring that the defendants " were aware of the young woman's minority and that she was fifteen years old." " Someone turned out the lights, the defendants proceeded to remove her clothes , except for the panties. She crossed her arms and did not know how to react, becoming paralyzed , proceeding with the defendants to take her hands to masturbate and make them fellatio."

Subsequently, he talks about the relationship between Calvo, who was accused of another crime, and the minor: "He went behind the minor and indicated his room. The minor reclined on the bed, without being proven to accidentally fall (as stated) or did it before pushing, and after putting on a condom penetrated it. It is not proven that the minor showed opposition , express or tacit to said relationship, "says the sentence.

The magistrates also look at the day before the events, on November 23, in which a conversation is recorded in a WhatsApp group in which Lucho is , where he makes comments that " are not subject to accusation, nor have they have been denounced , nor have they been tested, "says the document. "We have bundled it on the very brown floor," the soccer player tells them. "The jamba is that he came and sucked us all three, what a slut. Tomorrow comes back." "How old are you?" They ask. "16", replies Lucho.

Based on all this, the court includes in the sentence the difficulty in making the decision because "being aware that although some witnesses, of reference, told them that the events had happened voluntarily and others that had been against of his will, "he says," it is concluded that he has been persistent in his statement, lacked spurious motives to harm the denounced and has been consistent with those essential issues, "he says.

In addition, the ruling refers to the influence of social networks and the degree of maturity of the child : "Such disparity of versions could serve to invalidate their testimony, however we must attend to their degree of maturity, which as stated by the psychologist, it corresponded with that of a 13-year-old person , who was totally influenced by social networks , and the image he intended to show of her, on Instagram and in front of her acquaintances or classmates. older and be considered as a woman, adult and with sexual experience.That is why he does not lie about the facts presented , only that having a feeling of guilt for what happened on the floor of the accused, he did not want those acquaintances, with whom I had less confidence, they knew the truth of what happened, so he chose to tell them that he had performed the sexual acts voluntarily , and even boast about it. However, before those people, relatives or who had greater confidence, maintained that the sexual acts had not been consented to by her, "summarizes the court.

Olga Navarro, Calvo's lawyer: "This is a circus"

Olga Navarro, the defender of the youngest condemned, said that "this is a circus. There is not a single test and they are 38 years old. What are we becoming?" Asks the lawyer in statements to THE WORLD. "I am a woman and I do not defend rapists, but these boys have done nothing. You cannot acquit Raul in one thing and not another. It is shameful and there is nowhere to take the sentence. They are being treated as murderers and they are saying that it is better to kill, more economical. "

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