“The negative decision we were preparing for and anticipating. This decision is biased; Russia is doing a lot to combat doping. We made more than 250 samples, all of them were negative. This decision is politicized. There are certain individuals who have advantages. The investigation was held unilaterally, ”said Drachev.

On December 9, the WADA executive committee suspended Russia from international competitions for four years, and also forbade it from holding international tournaments. In addition, the participation of Russian athletes in competitions only in neutral status was recommended.

This is due to the identification of intentional changes in the data of the Moscow laboratory, the transfer of which in its original form was one of the key points for restoring RUSADA compliance status with the World Anti-Doping Code.

Earlier, Drachev said that the SBR did not receive a response from the IBU to the WADA decision in Russia.