Memphis Depay was the center of an uproar between supporters and players of Olympique Lyon on Tuesday. The French club qualified for the eighth finals of the Champions League thanks to a hit by the attacker against RB Leipzig (2-2).

Shortly after the game, Memphis sprinted towards a supporter who was standing on the field with a banner with the name of Lyon's player Marcelo and an image of a donkey. There was some pushing and pulling between some fans and a number of Lyon players.

When Captain Memphis later spoke with the French press, he was still boiling with rage. "Look at me. What do you see? I am angry, I am angry. I do not know what to say," he fulminated in front of the RMC Sport camera.

"They even spit at us, I have never seen anything like it. I think the club management should take measures."

Memphis saves Lyon with a late equalizer

Lyon trailed 0-2 on Tuesday, but fought back strongly after the break. Thanks to the Memphis equalizer in the 82nd minute, the team qualified for the eighth finals. Leipzig was already sure about wintering.

"We didn't play our best game, but we qualified for the next round. We played with our hearts and we made it", Memphis looked back on the game.

The international of Orange did not understand that Lyon's own fans were so critical. He did not particularly like that they chose one scapegoat with former PSV player Marcelo. "It is difficult to play well if one of our players has problems with the audience."


Summary Lyon-RB Leipzig (2-2)

"Who takes the time to paint a banner with a donkey?"

"And what do they expect? After the game, we would like to thank them when they call the craziest things about our families and children? We would like to be one with our fans, but they don't want that," Memphis said.

"Who takes the time to paint a donkey on a banner?" Memphis wondered. "If you take the time to do that and you take such a flag to the stadium, then something is really wrong with you."

Lyon and Leipzig will find out their next opponent in the Champions League on Monday during the draw in Nyon.

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Marcelo raises his middle finger to the fans of Lyon. (Photo: Pro Shots)

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