Son Heung-min's "sprint" goal is still a global topic. Tottenham's parody of a popular game, while the British press, drew attention by analyzing goals in virtual reality.

I'm Ha Sung-ryong.


Tottenham's Super Sony 2.0 video.

Sohn Heung-min, who runs fast and invisible, picks up the golden chain items scattered on the field, removes the defenders and shakes the net.

It was a parody of the famous game 'Super Sonic' under the nickname 'Super Sony' of Son Heung-min.

Tottenham also introduced an evaluation of each of his colleagues on the goal of Son Heung-min.

Vertongun, who linked the ball to Son Heung-min, said, "Your assist was brighter than the goal."

The main broadcasts in the UK attracted attention by analyzing Son Heung Min's goal scene with various graphics.

Sky Sports commentator also entered the virtual reality and explained the situation of running with 'Hung Heung Min's eyes'.

[Jamie Carragher / SkySports commentator: Peters (Burnley defender) is here. If you are Son Heung-min, you can escape. And you might have heard, 'Oh, I can score a special goal.']

From the Sonnadu T-shirt to the parody video, Son Heung-min's Storm Storm is being reworked in a variety of ways.

(Video Editing: Woo Ki Jung)