“This is a disaster for sports. You deprive the hope of children who have nothing to do with what happened. Just like at the 1988 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee, in fact, took my gold medal. Audiences from around the world then saw that the organization had made a mistake, it was a blow to the reputation of Olympic boxing. Judge for yourself, you have deprived a guy of a medal, and no one cares, you are not even trying to improve the situation! You understand that you were wrong, but do not even lift a finger. But it's about the finals of the Olympic Games! This is the story, ”said Jones RT.

In the final of the 1988 Olympics, the boxer lost to Korean Pak Shihun with a judicial decision, despite a clear advantage over his opponent.

Earlier, Zubkov expressed the view that the WADA decision is one of the political levers of pressure on Russia.