Former Japanese national football team Myojin retirement interview “Limited as a professional” December 9, 16:35

Former Japanese national football team J3, Nagano Pulseiro's Tomokazu Myojin said at the retirement interview in Nagano City on the 9th, “I thought that it was almost the limit as a professional”.

Myojin is 41 years old from Hyogo Prefecture. In 1996, he entered the top team from the subordinate organization of Sakai Reisol, and as a midfielder with plenty of exercise, he gained numerous titles such as the league championship and the Emperor's Cup championship during the Gamba Osaka period.

He has also played an active role as a representative of Japan, participating in the 2002 World Cup Japan-Korea Tournament and contributing to Japan's first final tournament.

In 2017, I transferred to J3's Nagano Parseiro and played for J2 promotion.

Myojin attended a conference at Nagano U Stadium in Nagano City on the 9th. “I decided to retire from this season. I would like to thank you all. "

On that basis, as to why he decided to retire, “Pro is a job that gets money. You have to show the price to those who come to see it. When thinking about fighting as a professional throughout the year next season, it ’s almost the limit. "I thought."

Regarding the future, “I haven't decided yet, but I want to be a leader and a director”.