Stefan Holm's eight-year term in the committee expires soon and in connection with the Tokyo elections this summer he has done his job. The position he leaves sees the Swedish Olympic Committee glad that Therese Alshammar takes over.

- I am approved and completed as a candidate for the IOC's Assets Committee. Now the campaign begins, she tells TT.

Olympic athletes can make their choices from the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Village through August 4. Only then does Alshammar know if she won the support of the activists.

"A rock hard battalion"

- It is a great tradition for us in Sweden to have someone on the active committee. We have had Pernilla Wiberg and then Stefan Holm. Now there are four candidates to be voted on. There are 30 candidates, of which six are swimmers, so it is a tough battalion, says Alshammar.

When did you become current as a candidate?

- The question came to me this summer. I have been a member of the active committee in SOK and since I stopped swimming I have tried to accumulate experience. I have lectured for SOK and their top and talent programs and out in associations.

- I love sports and have wanted to stay in the basic values ​​that exist in sports and I have worked with that. I have also worked on the importance of well-being and health in parallel with sports. And so SOK asked if I wanted to run.

In the formal part of the candidacy, Alshammar's authoritative statement of intent, she emphasizes, among other things, the importance of raising and strengthening the Olympic movement and how the active can help and contribute to better health during and after the career.

Want more sports and health

- I want sports to grow, that it almost becomes a requirement that you have more sports and health in society. The Olympic movement can broaden that perspective.

- The issue of gender equality is still relevant. Now I heard that the Youth Olympics 2022 will be the first completely equal opportunity, the first time there will be 50-50 participants men and women. Now there are 48.8 percent women in the real Olympics.

- There are still some branches where women do not participate and some to work with. IOK is far from perfect, but I believe that with the right people in the right place you can create change and improvements and get through things that are of great importance in society as well.

Is there anything important about swimming for you to work with if you are chosen?

- Swimming is one of the most equal sports, but you might ask the active ones a bit more before you change time schedules to fit TV broadcasts. I know there are some opinions about it among the active.

For many years, Alshammar competed against Kirsty Coventry from Zimbabwe. Coventry is now an appreciated chairman of the active committee, but will resign at the Olympics next year.

- She has made a significant difference. It's nice to see that she felt good about helping others and improving the conditions for the active. It inspires me and is a great role model to have.

Received good advice from Holm

Have you talked to Stefan Holm about what might be waiting for you?

- I have asked Stefan what it is and he has not deterred me. He has served on many different committees and he has given me tips and tricks. Stefan says that you listen to a lot of those active in the IOC. You know you have problems and work on it. The interest in candidacy has been very great.

And you want to be a winner in this election too?

- If I give in to something, I want to pursue it. That's how I am. Of course, I would not have lined up if I did not want to try to reach all the way. I have found a balance in my everyday life that works. Of course I have my children (sons Fred and Ted) and prioritize being very much at home. This is not a full time job but a few times a year and maybe more writing at home.