Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo sparked controversy on social media after publishing a photo of him with Israel Katz, the Israeli foreign minister.

The Israeli foreign minister released a photo of him accompanied by Ronaldo, who gave him his shirt in the colors of Juventus.

The Minister indicated that he met the Portuguese star and a number of stars of the Old Lady's club, on the sidelines of his visit to Italy.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz met on the sidelines of his political visit to Italy Cristiano # Ronaldo and the stars of Juventus team, saying: "He gave me the shirt of the team and his number 7 and conveyed to Ronaldo the peace of his wide fans in # Israel and their wishes for him success in the European League ... Ronaldo is a great player" @Cristiano pic. twitter.com/AySpUhhdID

- Israel in Arabic (@IsraelArabic) December 8, 2019

Attached to the photo with this sentence, "He gave me the shirt of the team with his number 7, and I conveyed to Ronaldo Salam his wide fans in Israel and their best wishes for success."

He considered Ronaldo "a great player and deserves to raise the UEFA Champions League trophy at least once more."

וגם בונוס לביקורי המדיני באיטליה: פגישה עם רונאלדו, בופון וכל כוכבי יובנטוס. הוא נתן לי את דגל המועדון והחולצה מספר 7, ואני מסרתי לו ד״ש מאוהדיו הרבים בישראל ואיחולי הצלחה בליגת האל רונאלדו שחקן ענק מגיע לו להניף את הגביע לפחות עוד פעם אחת. pic.twitter.com/5zqHI0I3QZ

- ישראל כ"ץ Israel Katz (@Israel_katz) December 8, 2019

The photo sparked widespread controversy among the tweeters, many of whom criticized the Portuguese star for standing by an official in the occupying country, which has been stealing the rights of the Palestinian people.