Blind Soccer Japan loses to Morocco 1 vs. 5/12 8:31

The Japanese national team of blind soccer who has decided to compete in the host country at next year's Tokyo Paralympics played a friendly match with the Moroccan national team as a part of the strengthening and lost 1-5.

Blind soccer consists of five players per team, and the four visually impaired players, except the goalkeeper, wear eye masks and rely on the sound of the ball with the bell and the voice of the guide to aim for the goal. .

Japan is scheduled to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games next year in its host country for the first time, but currently it is ranked 13th in the world ranking, and raising its scoring ability is an issue.

On the 8th, as part of the team strengthening for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, we invited Morocco, the world ranking 8th champion who won the African Championship, to play in Tokyo Machida City.

In the first half of the game, Captain Ace Kawamura scored the goal in the first half and scored the goal first, but immediately after that, Morocco scored the goal in a row and finished the first half with a score of 3 points. It was.

After that, Japan could not stop Morocco's personal skills, which were superior in physique, and could not make use of the passwork that had been polished before the opponent's harsh press. Defeated

Captain Kawamura said, “I predecessed in a good shape, but I couldn't carry the game well. I shouldn't. "