The final of the Grand Prix in figure skating ended with the triumph of Russian girls who occupied the entire podium. Alyona Kostornaya rose to his highest step, at the same time setting a world record for the sum of two rentals. The 16-year-old skater admitted that she was glad of this result. According to her, she did not expect that immediately after moving to an adult level she would win at major starts.

“I am very glad that I got everything that was planned. It didn’t matter to me what place I occupied after the short program, I just walked after it and did what I had to. While the jumping part of the program is going on, I don’t notice what is happening around, and after that I can already hear people clapping. From this comes even more adrenaline. For every competition I go without thinking about the place that I will loan. I just want to show clean programs and have fun. For me, this season is the most unexpected of all that was due to the fact that I learned a new element and was able to almost immediately show it in competitions. Therefore, I did not expect that everything will turn out that way at an adult level, ”Kostornaya said at a press conference.

15-year-old Anna Shcherbakova became the silver medalist of the competition, losing to Kostornaya a little more than 6.5 points. During the free program, she tried to perform a quadruple flip, but did not succeed in this, which caused the figure skater a certain disappointment.

“In general, I’m satisfied, but there was a residue from the fact that the flip did not work out. In training, it worked out, and I'm glad I was able to get together for the rest of the program. It did not work, apparently due to the fact that she was not sure enough. In the past, I had the same problems with Lutz. These quadruple jumps work best. I started with a sheepskin coat, I don’t forget it, I jump on a fishing rod, in the future, maybe we will turn it on. I tried to be calm, but at some point today excitement swept over me, I tried to cope with it, ”said the champion of Russia RIA Novosti.

During the press conference following the results of the Grand Prix, Shcherbakova added that she was really looking forward to the opportunity to speak at adult competitions and show her skills on them.

“For me, the most joyful moment of the Grand Prix was the fact that I began to get better quadruple Lutz, I was pleased with the rental. But it was difficult to gather our thoughts and show the work that we did. I really wanted to go to an adult level and start competing, but at the same time I did not think about what places I could take. I just wanted to show that I can. For every competition I come to ride my kit. It’s very nice if you manage to take high places, ”the skater added.

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Another 15-year-old pupil of Eteri Tutberidze - Alexandra Trusova - took third place in Turin, rising from the fifth line, which she occupied after a short program. The girl was unsatisfied with her rental due to several errors that prevented him from showing the best result.

“I skated very badly. In addition to being the first in the world to make a quadruple flip, it fell and made a “butterfly”. Will be working. The unrest affected the quadruple salchow, hurried up to the quadruple sheepskin coat, less strength left. I have already rolled clean rentals with five quadruples. Three “quad” are very few for me, more is needed. It's a shame that it doesn’t work out at competitions, I do it more often and cleaner in training. The fourth flip did not have time to drive in, but then I decided to try it. I was as focused on my elements as possible, ”summed up my performance the bronze medalist of the Grand Prix finals.

The skater also shared plans for the future and admitted that she would soon learn a new quadruple jump, and also spoke about her intentions regarding the triple axel.

“Fourth Rittberger?” I think I’ll try at the end of the season. I won’t include a triple axel in a random one, there are five quads there. I waited a very long time when it would be possible to ride with adults, two years with juniors was already boring. My task for this season is to roll my programs clean and improve with every start, ”Trusova added.

At the final press conference, all three skaters, often skating to various soundtracks, at the same time told what series they love and watch right now.

“Now I am revising the series“ Anatomy of Passion. ” I really like him, but I can’t advise anyone, because there are no friends for the taste and color. I also watched the Vampire Diaries a couple of times, ”Kostornaya said.

In turn, Shcherbakova admitted that she really likes the series “Sherlock”. Trusova, however, somewhat surprised foreign correspondents with her choice, admitting that she now likes Russian projects more.

"I love the series" Youth ", and together with my family I watch IP Pirogov, where the main character very beautifully prepares cakes," Trusova said.

It is worth adding that the Russian woman Alina Zagitova, unsuccessfully speaking in Turin, with difficulty restrained the emotions of the rental and quickly left the tribune room, refusing to communicate with reporters.