After yesterday's silver medal at 200 meters breaststroke, Erik Persson made his way to the semi-finals in the half distance during the short course European Championships in Glasgow.

Persson swam at 58.49, in the 100 meter breaststroke trials, and finished with 13th time. His personal record of 100 breaststroke is 57.83.

Pers for Eriksson

Jessica Ericsson is also on to the semi at 100 meters breaststroke. She struck with a personal record in the morning, 1:06:04 and advanced to semi with 12th time in total.

4/100 from the final Simon Sjödin missed the final of 200 meters medley with only four hundredths. His experimental swim at 1:55:05 places him as the first reserve for tonight's final.

CLICK: Here's Erik Persson taking EM silver (December 5, 2019)

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Swedish EM silver - Erik Persson slaughtered the Nordic record Photo: Simförbundet / Bildbyrån